Mom Called 'Irresponsible' For Letting Her Toddler Cook Dinner

After a long day of working and parenting, one thing that parents don't always look forward to is cooking dinner for the entire family. Feeding everyone is a big task and sometimes, we're exhausted.

Many parents often have their kids help out with dinner.

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From helping prep ingredients to setting the table, some families have their kids help out with dinner and making meals.

However, some kids are capable of cooking a full meal for the family.

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There are some talented children who are pretty much down to cook for the family, and they are good at it, too.

Cooking can be seen as a "passion" for some kids.

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From kid kitchens to helping in family kitchens, some kids start to look at cooking as a passion — one that they could continue in their future.

One mom on TikTok shared a video of her toddler, cooking for the family.

TikTok user @lauralove5514 shows her son, who is a toddler, making a full dinner for her family, including potatoes and kielbasa.

Her toddler is shown cutting potatoes.

The mom said she just had to "strain the potatoes" and "put them in the oven after he seasoned them." He was able to cut them and season them all on his own.

The mom even lets him use a knife.

Of course, this kind of knife is not as sharp as a regular cooking knife. But, this little guy is a pro at using it.

He is even able to use measuring cups!

Math is important in cooking, right? This toddler knows how to use the right measuring spoons and cups for everything — even oil.

He also made keilbasa on his own, too.

The mom helped him with "flipping" the kielbasa. But, he cut and fried them all on his own, too.

Many people commented saying the mom was "irresponsible."

Many said the mom letting her three-year-old cook and use knives was totally irresponsible. But, she said that he was learning "valuable life skills," and she would never let him do it if he wasn't ready.

Her son has been cooking with her in the kitchen for years.

The mom said that her son, Carter, has been cooking in the kitchen with her since he was 15-months-old. He's now three.

Many TikTok users said that there's nothing "wrong" with this.

Some said the mom is "right by his side," and it's amazing to have him learn to cook at such an early age.

Others said he's more advanced than some adults.

Other people said that this little guy had life skills that adults don't know! Many said the mom was doing a great job.

One mom said seeing Carter cooking raised some questions about her own parenting.

One mom said she was left "wondering why" she held her sons back from learning to cook over her own fears.

Some TikTok users loved this.

Many said that it was awesome to watch and the "haters" are just jealous their kids can't cook full dinners for their family.

What do you think? Is it awesome to see a child so young cooking dinner or should children wait until they're older to help out?

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