People Online Criticize Mom's Road Trip Hacks Saying They're 'Too Much'

Going on road trips can take a lot of preparation. We all know that we want to be totally ready for anything we face. Even when we go with friends, we are constantly making lists to be sure we have everything we need.

When you add kids to the mix, we need to bring twice as much.

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Not only do we want to make sure we have things we need for ourselves, but we also need to double down and make sure we have everything the kids need, too.

Recently, one mom on TikTok shared her DIY set-up for her road trip.

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Mom Heather Smith shared her car set-up on her "first solo road trip" with her four kids. To be honest, traveling with four kids is a whole job!

Using a mini van, all of the kids have their own space.

With two kids in the back and two kids in the middle row, all of her children have their own space and places for their things.

The mom showcased the baskets she made.

In them, she had everything from snacks to drinks to wipes. And, of course, lots of toys, stickers, activities, and books to keep everyone entertained.

For the little ones, she had toys.

She made it possible for the kids to play with toys that, "won't fall and get lost". These car magnets, for example, are easy to play with and navigate while riding in the car.

She also had tablets with chargers set up.

This way, the kids can watch their favorite shows or a movie in the car without the tablet dying during the road trip.

The mom made sure the snacks were accessible.

Using things that the kids can open and eat themselves, it makes snacking much easier while she is driving.

She even had mini garbage cans.

No one wants a super messy car, so these mini garbage cans are amazing to have in the back seat for the kids to throw away their trash.

And, she had tons of fun stuff.

Although the stickers are awesome, some TikTok users said they can't imagine the kids putting them all over the windows (and having to peel them all off!).

This mom was so prepared, she even had a "toilet" ready.

These portable toilets are great for trips, but this mom thought of it all. She used a diaper in it so the kids could use it in the car without having to pull over.

She also prepped herself.

She made sure all of her needs were met by making a passenger seat compartment set for her with water and snacks she could reach while driving.

Many people on TikTok thought this mom's road trip preparations were "too much."

Some users on the app commented that the mom's preparation was "way too much" for the kids in the car. One person said that it's important for kids to be bored every once in a while.

Others thought back to when they went on road trips with their own parents.

Some pointed out that their parents never prepped like this and would tell their kids to "look out the window" for entertainment.

However, many users also commended the mom for being prepared.

Some said that the mom was "super organized" and the set-up was impressive.

What do you think?