Dog's Adoption Post Goes Viral But All Eyes Are On The Hunky Shelter Employee

Many of us have heard that old saying, "sex sells," but we didn't think it'd be in reference to getting dogs adopted.

However, one hunky shelter employee has captured everyone's attention and helped make a lucky husky's adoption post go viral. The people are passionate about helping the dog find a home, and are also extremely fervent about finding out if this particular employee is single.

This is one story we can't take our eyes off.

Zackry Majewski and Sky the husky became the talk of the town.

People may have started following the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services on Facebook to save the animals, but they stayed for the comment section on one iconic Facebook post.

The post in question features Majewski and the husky Sky along with an informative blurb about the handsome employee.

The blurb wouldn't seem out of place as part of a dating profile and mentions his love for hiking and country music.

Suffice it to say, people were instantly crushing.

The comment section was lit.

Before long, there were more comments about how to take Majewski home than there were to adopt Sky.

A few people wrote, "I'll adopt both!, while other inquiring minds wanted to know, "Has Zac found his forever home yet? Asking for a friend."

Someone even announced, "Ladies!! He has a IG account! Just found it! He looks hotter on it too!"

And as People magazine reported, Majewski indeed reported that over 100 people suddenly started following him on Instagram and Snapchat after the photo went up.

Fortunately, Sky was adopted almost immediately.

Despite all of the attention towards Majewski, Sky was still given a ton of love.

Right after the Facebook post was seen by readers, there were nonstop inquiries about adopting Sky and within an hour, the dog had found a new home. It seems the people just couldn't let their new prince down.

Majewski doesn't plan on becoming a model.

While he is grateful that his picture helped Sky along with other dogs get adopted, he's not interested in modeling. In fact, he doesn't even have a Facebook account and his boss had to tell him about all of the thirsty comments aimed at him.

Maybe it's not true in all cases, but sometimes a pretty face can save the day.

And that seems to be Majewski's hope as he told News Channel 6 he will continue featuring in the shelter's Facebook posts, if it helps find the animals their furever homes.

Let us know what you think of this dashing story in the comments and if you fell in love with Majewski and Sky at first sight.

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