Oh My! George Takei Celebrates His 84th Birthday

There are some celebrities who bypass fame and head straight into icon status. Their appearance, their style, their sense of humor, and their voice become engrained into the fabric of pop culture, and only a very few talented people ever reach that level.

George Takei is definitely one of them — in fact, I bet you're hearing his voice in your head right now! Oh my...

George Takei is a celebrated actor.

Best known for the role of Sulu on Star Trek: The Original Series in various other legs of the Star Trek franchise, George has also leant his talent to films like Mulan, Kubo And The Two Strings, Allegiance, Larry Crowne, and tons more.

George was born on April 20th, 1937.

That means that this year, he's celebrating his 84th birthday!

It hardly seems possible that George has been entertaining us for over fifty years, but it's true!

Fans are taking to social media to celebrate the legendary actor.

Happy birthday George!

We're sure that 84 is going just as magical an age for him as all the other ones have been so far!

In honor of his birthday, share with us your favorite Star Trek property he's appeared in in our comments below!