A Body Language Expert Analyzed The Queen's Behavior At Prince Philip's Funeral

As fans of the Royal family know, the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, was laid to rest this past weekend after passing away at age 99 earlier this month.

Hearts around the world broke as fans watched HRH Queen Elizabeth say goodbye to her husband of 73 years.

Now, a body language expert is telling us what we may have missed.

Keeping with COVID-19 protocols, only 30 attendees were allowed at Prince Philip's funeral this past weekend.

This meant that Queen Elizabeth had to sit by herself to follow the household bubble rule, resulting in some heartbreaking photographs.

Now, a body language expert is dissecting the Queen's behavior.

In an interview with Daily Mail body language expert Judi James is breaking down what the 95-year-old's body language can reveal about her emotions.

"The Queen provided the most memorable moments," Judi explained.

One of those moments included "her isolation in the chapel where she sat with her head dipped so low that her face was completely covered from view by her hat."

Another moment that stuck out to Judi was when HRH was walking into the service.

"There was one moment when she paused and turned around before entering the chapel and it looked terribly poignant, almost as though she couldn’t face going in alone."

"She turned for what looked like reassurance that her party was behind her.”

During the Queen's pause before entering the chapel, Judi noticed how Sophie, Countess of Wessex, was a pillar of strength for the matriarch.

"Sophie Wessex seemed to move forward quickly, removing her mask as though to reassure the Queen of her presence and support."

Sophie has reportedly been an emotional rock for the Queen during these incredibly difficult times.

"Sophie appears to be very close to the Queen and even closer during Prince Philip’s final days," Judi explained.

"It looked telling that Sophie appeared to move forward more quickly and pull her mask off in what could have been a gesture of support."

Judi went on to say that the Queen was the most "animated" royal in attendance, despite heavily grieving.

"She talked in quite an animated way to her lady-in-waiting and to the bishop at the entrance to the chapel."

The Queen's lady-in-waiting Lady Susan Hussey, is the 81-year-old widow of former BBC chairman, Marmaduke Hussey.

Although entering the chapel, Lady Susan was there as a working household member and not one of the 30 guests, as reported by Daily Mail.

Judi went on to address fans who thought they saw the Queen crying.

"She could be seen dabbing one eye as she sat in the car, suggesting tears, but she was also chatting to her lady-in-waiting, suggesting she was gathering some comfort from the company," she explained.

While the expert analysis is always helpful, it doesn't take an expert to see how heartbroken the Queen is.

Our thoughts are with the entire Royal Family as well as all of Prince Philip's friends, loved ones, and fans during this difficult time.

h/t: Daily Mail.