Video Demonstrating Makeshift Toilets For Homeless People Sparks Outrage

While many people are aware of the vast amount of unsheltered communities around the world, they may not be unaware about the harsh realities of the living conditions that these populations face.

One video demonstrating how to create a makeshift toilet for homeless people sparked outrage online, while also forcing people think about the crisis with more severity.

It all began when a LA-based non-profit shared a video online.

According to Daily Dot, Beauty2theStreetz is a Los Angeles based non-profit that works with unsheltered communities in the area.

Last week, the organization's founder, Shirley Raines, posted a video on Twitter that immediately struck a cord with audiences. The video demonstrated how a plastic bucket can be transformed into a makeshift toilet for people who don't have access to one by using the lid, a garbage bag, cat litter, and a sealed bag.

Many people who saw the video expressed sadness that others have to depend on such buckets.

Those Twitter users lamented over the fact that a bucket has to be a makeshift toilet at all, remarking how everyone should have access to proper facilities and branding the waste buckets an undignified alternative.

However, the harsh reality that those people responding to the video found themselves overlooking is that many unsheltered people aren't allowed in public bathrooms and cannot always access shelters.

Other people were proud of the non-profit for stepping up.

There were many commenters that applauded the thoughtfulness of this makeshift toilet. Although it's not ideal and hardly solves the greater systemic issue of housing inaccessibility, it does provide an alternative to peeing in the streets.

Many people watching the video had to reckon with their discomfort.

The video is truly a call-to-action for many.

Having a home is something that many often take for granted. The seemingly little things that many enjoy are usually something that others have never had.

Many people spoke of shedding tears and feeling terrible after watching the video but it begs the question of how many will step up to forge a better world.

Let us know what you think in the comments about this makeshift toilet and if you're planning on doing something to help unsheltered communities.

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