People Are Making Kickball Fields With Slip N' Slides For A Challenging Summer Game

Who's looking for a cool outdoor summer activity they can do with their kids? You've got to occupy them somehow. Am I right?

And what better way to do so than to play a game of kickball? Well, I give you one better. This version of the game is even more fun. Something tells me that your kids will really enjoy this one.

I'm here to give you an awesome idea that is sure to make your kids flip out for it.

What is it? It's a slip 'n slide version of kickball. Oh, yes, you read that right. Doesn't it sound amazing or what?

So how does one go about setting something like this up in their backyard?

Unsplash | Nathália Rosa

It's pretty easy. I bet you already have everything on hand that you need. If not, a quick stop at your nearest dollar store should suffice.

Get yourself about four slip ‘n slides or use plastic drop cloths.

This option will save you even more money, but you'll also need tarp stakes. Then, make sure you have four blow-up, kiddie pools. Walmart has them for about $10.

You will also need about five large bottles of dish soap and a kickball, of course.

Make sure you have access to a water source that you can use continuously. A water hose is a great idea for that.

Now here's how you set up the slip 'n slide kickball field.

It looks something like this. Make sure you set up space to the right of the home base. This is where people can kick without stepping on the slippery area.

So how do you actually play this?

People kick the ball and run on the mats and then slip before they get to the pools. To make the game safer, leave a space between the mats, so they're not continuous.

The best part is when you fall flat on your face and slide through.

Am I right? Ha, ha! Just make sure you're there to supervise your kids because you definitely don't want anyone to wipe out and break a leg.

I bet the kids are going to have so much fun playing this slip 'n slide kickball.

There is just something about being outdoors and playing with water that gets kids all rallied up, huh? I hope your neighbors don't mind a little noise, ha, ha!

So what do you think of this idea?

Unsplash | Luke Porter

I told you it was a good one. It's amazing what you can come up with that's easy to set up, but also loads of fun. I wish our backyard had a smoother ground so we can set this up too.

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