15+ Unexpected Moments That Ended Up Being Hilarious

When you're having a bad or generally slow day, there is nothing like getting an unexpected laugh from something you weren't expecting to perk you up!

And so, from people who got very strange guests in their birdhouses to individuals who found divine toilets which lead to the great beyond, here are 16+ unexpected moments that we couldn't help but laugh at!

"Learning to waltz while waiting for my vaccine."

One person did actually point out, "That's a box step. Add rotation to get a waltz." However, what I know about dancing could fill a hollowed-out grain of rice twice.

"I made a tiny mailbox for the spider living in my attic."

It is about time that this spider ditches physical mail and gets to grips with the World Wide Web.

"The Picasso pebble!"

They should drill a hole in it and turn it into a necklace, I'm sure that the hipsters would absolutely eat this up!

"Signage for local dive bar..."

Well, at least you know what you're getting. Their honesty is refreshing even if their beer isn't.

"The way the snow melted on the back side of this sign."

This is presumably because the black text absorbs more sunlight on the front of the sign and is warmer?

"This BBQ setup my neighbour has that is hanging out of his living room window."

I know for a fact that if I ever tried this, that would happen to be the day my landlord just happened to pop round only for him to have a heart attack at the sight of me BBQing out of a window.

"When I got my COVID vaccine, they gave me some candy in a pill package."

I love this idea! Although, if you end up getting three yellow skittles you're in for a nightmare.

It Wasn't What They Thought It Was...

The story behind this cake was, "I'm a 911 Dispatcher, and it is public safety telecommunicator week. HR got us giant '911' shaped donuts. We were all a little concerned when we opened the first box."

"OK, I guess that's good to know?"

I don't think that they really needed to advertise this "new" policy, but you never know what people will do!

"This is the most subtle troll I have seen in years."

I both hate this and love it at the same time. I don't know whether I want to laugh at it or pull my eyebrows off.

"I almost broke into this car until I saw the warning..."

Wait, so you're telling me that there was an option for me to get an attack penguin as an add on for my car and I haven't been offered this?!

"Saw this Metallica plate on the freeway today."

"So, you really want the plate 'ETALLIC'?"

"Yep, I've got a great idea, what I'm going to do is..."

"You're going to make it say Metallica, I get it."

"Confiscated this note from one of my students."

What I love about this is that they have framed this. What a great testament to their career as a teacher!

"My peeler gives pixelated looking peels."

This is making my eyes go funny. I love it and I'm sure it would make for some very cool fries, if you can bear to look at them.

"I think taking this dump will start a new mission."

I am assuming that if you use this toilet then you will hear the voice of God...or just have to go and get some sunglasses.

"How you know you're not welcome before stepping into the house."

I was so distracted by the face alone that it took me a worryingly long time to notice what this house was doing with its right hand.

"Ever get that feeling you are being followed?"

Sure, social media influencers might have countless online followers, but none of them have followers who have their back like this cat!

"I put up a new birdhouse and got a tenant right away! Funny looking bird though..."

I feel like he is about to say, "Yep, just another bird like all of my bird neighbors! Nothing to see here!"

"This weird lemon that grew on our lemon tree."

This lemon would be perfect to have in a really long glass of gin and tonic. Great, now all I want is a gin and tonic.

"This zigzag pattern appears when her fur is raised!"

Hmmm, I feel like this must surely make your dog faster? I think I'm working on cartoon logic but I'm fairly certain it's still right.