16+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘I Might Just Try That’

This planet is littered with wonderful little ideas that can make everyday life a little more easy and enjoyable.

So, to show off a few of these things from saving stained t-shirts in an ingenious way to people who "beautifully" modified their taillights, here are 14+ moments that make us go, "I might just try that!"

"I draw doodles on sticky notes at work. One of my coworkers decided to add their own."

I cannot tell which is the newly added one, they're all just so perfect...especially that little fella with the top hat on the right!

"These birdhouses made from old boots..."

I don't think that this is what They Might Be Giants meant by building a Birdhouse In Your Soul.

Can't believe I got a They Might Be Giants reference in there, am I old now?

"Custom-made coffin in New Zealand."

Well, it looks like I have found the type of coffin that I want to be buried in! It's pretty sweet!

"Started staining the deck and needed to keep the dog off the deck boards. Solution found."

Somehow this Hoover looks angry, or is it only me who can see a furious face at the bottom of it?

"Our professor wears his hat and cape every time he conducts an experiment."

Oh good God, as much as I love this, I am more amazed that he is still using an overhead projector with transparent sheets!

Hacking Tinder...

People like this are just a step ahead of the rest of us! He may actually be too dangerous to be kept alive!

"Finally something to do with an old CD Rack: a ramen holder."

How have I never thought of doing this? Actually, I still have a load of CDs that I need to store as I'm too scared of throwing them away in case I need them again...for whatever reason.

"The man sitting in front of me on the train is using a Twix as a pillow."

It looks more comfortable than the window, and you get a nice breakfast snack when you wake up!

"If it's stupid and it works it ain't stupid."

I want to take the piss out of this so much, but I just cannot help but admire this idea!

"Asked for a ridiculous amount of seasoning with my doordash order, and I wasn't at all disappointed by the glorious human being that fulfilled my request."

Christ, I wonder what is wrong with their tastebuds if this is the amount of hot sauce they need!

"I stripped this pencil..."

I have no idea why anyone would ever need to do this and yet now I know how I am going to spend my weekend.

"If you're broke and can't afford coasters grab some flooring samples from Home Depot. They are free and come in a variety of colors and finishes!"

I mean, why do you even need a coaster, it's not like... Nope, I can't even joke about it, use coasters you animals!

Helping Out Your Fellow Man!

It is one hell of a bold strategy, that's for sure! And, it's a pretty much surefire way to get your head kicked in.

"Wife was not a fan of my taste in boat names."

These are much better boat names than I could ever come up with! I think that the Always Sunny fan in me would mean I had to call any boat "The Implication."

"Carlos. 42. Entrepreneur. First solo flight to the moon."

I always wanted to be an astronaut as a kid, so maybe this is my chance to realize that dream!

"What I want to know is how that car got on the truck?"

Just why...and how? I don't know if I'd feel more scared driving that truck or driving behind them?!

"Sir, this is nacho original taillight."

"Sir, there appears to be a problem with your tail light."

"I know, I haven't got any dip."

"My dad apparently sneaks his remote into a local bar so he can change the channel when he doesn't like what's on. I'm equally embarrassed and impressed."

This is genius, but if you get caught actually doing it then there is no way of recovering from the embarrassment of it.

"My teacher put up a picture of himself on his door so it looks like he's in his office."

Of all of the variations of this sort of thing I have seen people pull off before, this is perhaps the most seamless!

"If you stain a shirt, you can simply outline the stain with a sharpie and give it a name. This will make it seem like you visit islands."

Based on the amount that I manage to spill on my shirts, it would be easier for me to make an "island" out of the clean portions.