14+ Times People Got Revenge In Strange Ways

No matter how close you are to your family, friends, or coworkers, there is nothing quite like getting revenge on them for the little things they do to annoy you.

So, from people who replaced deodorant with cream cheese to individuals who went to incredible lengths to send unpleasant messages to their coworkers, here are 17+ times people got revenge in funny ways!

The Cardboard Sandwich...

Ah, so this is the secret behind Burger King's chicken royale! It all makes so much sense now!

"The shoe and music store saga..."

It is not long before the entire world is split in two by the war between music shop sales staff and shoe shop sales staff. It will be a war to end all wars.

"My coworkers must enjoy conflict..."

You never want to get hooked on printing documents in color. It's a road to ruin, financially and emotionally.

"Revenge is sweet!"

That cat is probably alright with this setup, they mostly like laptops for the warmth so I guess this must be like an electric blanket for it.

"Installed my anti-tailgater device today. Now I just need to find something for folks who cut me off..."

This is such a wonderfully inventive way to solve the problem of tailgaters. You could probably achieve the same effect with a bowling ball and some blue-tac.

"Pulling this prank took a lot of balls!"

For a prank with such a short period of execution, I can imagine that the cleanup must have taken forever.

"1,350 cups and 200 gallons of water later, I think my buddy won his prank war."

Even if I thought of this prank, there would be no way that I would have the patience and time on my hands to see it through!

"I'm so conflicted about this!"

The person who put that sign up is clearly trying to make a not very subtle point about their feelings towards self-help books.

"My roommate went to Australia for a few months, so we walled off his room."

Yep, they walled off the entire room. Apparently he was crawling in and out through that little gap for weeks before they got round to removing the wall.

"For April Fool's 2020, a teacher told her class that the government imposed the wearing of shower caps as extra safety measures."

I mainly want to know why one of these kids appears to have a massive slab of beef underneath one of their desks!?

Seems Like A Trap...

"Did you save the kittens Dave? I can't see anything from the smoke coming from your hair! Dave...?"

"My coworker was being an ass, so I sent this to his personal printer..."

What a fantastic way to annoy a coworker, both flipping them off and using their valuable ink!

"My best friends... Too bad they can't stand each other."

I cannot look at the picture on the right without hearing the battle music from the original Pokemon games.

"I put a couple layers of boot polish on one of my a coworker's boots every day he was on vacation... ONE of his boots."

Would you polish the other boot religiously or just really try your hardest to muddy up the clean on?

"I am a terrible girlfriend..."

Wait, so you mean that some people out there aren't brushing their teeth with Mayonnaise? Then what else is it for?!

"I've been leaving love notes such as this one for my coworkers."

I think that someone needs to do a tutorial video to show us how to make one of these, as I need one immediately!

"My coworker's idea of a prank — putting my desk flair in the vending machine..."

If anyone I knew called the things on their desk their "desk flair" then I think I would do the same.

"Girlfriend scared the crap out of me with this joke this afternoon."

This is wonderfully inventive pranking! I just hope this person didn't slam on and get a tailgater in the back!

"Conflict Resolution: trying save his rag of a T shirt."

I am always trying to stop my partner from throwing out old shirts, maybe I need to try this technique.

"Genius, or crossing the line?"

Nothing like a good dollop of cream cheese in your armpits to help with body odour!