15+ Ideas People Had That We Can't Help But Love

We all have a spark of creativity within us. Whether we use it for more artistic or practical reasons can only be shown with time, but it's certainly there, waiting for its time to shine.

This list here is full of moments where peoples' creativity did come through, creating a whole lot of ideas that we can't help but love.

"An old TV repurposed into a cat bed for my cat’s birthday."

Looks stunning, has unique lights, and contains mini artwork for the cat to enjoy? This is nothing short of perfect!

"Since everywhere is takeout only, I’m mastering the art of eating in my car."

'Mastering' was the perfect word choice, because this is genius. A takeout guru, may we all follow in your innovative lead.

"My shirt has a microfiber sewn on the inside to clean glasses."

If this doesn't become standard, I'm about to start sewing them in myself. It's just so handy!

"This after market, custom door lock."

Not the best for security, but you can bet your bottom dollar that door won't be swinging open.

"I made a tiny mailbox for the spider living in my attic."

You don't have to be all cutesy, I know you did this so you could start sending him rent bills.

"Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on eggos waffles."

Wait. Hold on. Now this...this is a game-changer. This is beautiful. This is the future.

"This coat hanger used by flight attendants has a display for showing which seat the coat’s owner is sitting in."

Sure, it serves no real purpose in the lives of non-flight attendants, but it's still pretty neat!

"The front desk woman at my job didn’t feel like taking the Christmas tree down so she decorates it for other holidays. Here’s the Easter version."

Let's normalize leaving up decorations we're too lazy to put away. Keeps it seasonal all year-round and makes future holiday decorating way easier.

'Pac-Man address sign."

No need to tell anyone visiting your specific house number when you can just say, "It's the one with Pac-Man on it."

"Volkswagen (VW) is the largest producer of a particular type of sausage (currywurst) in Germany."

I think car companies branching into other industries is good. I just want to see what else they can do.

"This wear your mask sign at my local store."

Though this puppy is making some unique fashion statements, that doesn't help prevent the spread of germs.

"This compostable to-go bowl my college uses."

Seeing compostable containers become more and more popular among restaurants is really nice. Good steps are being made when it comes to waste reduction!

"The way this restaurant incorporated the fire extinguisher into the painting."

And who says safety can't be a little whimsical? Plus it helps make sure no one forgets where it is.

"My art teacher has [ceiling] tiles that were painted by students in her classroom."

Seeing teachers who really care about their students' contributions to the point where they want to display them constantly is so heart-warming.

I'm sure students just love this tradition, too!

"On the way home from work I saw this dude walking his pony on an electric scooter. Made my day."

I wasn't even there, but the knowledge that this guy exists at all made my day too.

"Bathroom at the dentist had free pads and tampons for those who needed [them]."

This is just considerate. Slip-ups happen, so having these on hand for those who might need them is really sweet!

"An old soviet toy tank that could shoot pencils."

Pencils? It may be a mini-tank, but if that pencil's sharpened it could very well still kill someone. Or just hurt them really bad.

"The room number for mammogram testing spells out 'boob.'"

That's one way to ensure no one ever forgets the room number.

"My coworker used a rubber tape measure as a door stopper. If it works, it works!"

It doesn't just work, it fits perfectly! Has this been a secret design element present in tape measures all this time?

"A man bolted his grill onto an old lawnmower so it's easier to move around."

This isn't inherently dangerous — at least I don't think it is — but it certainly feels dangerous. Can't deny the convenience, though!

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