16+ Things That Happened To Work Out In The Most Satisfying Ways Possible

Things working out the way we hoped is always a good thing. It leaves us feeling both relieved and satisfied knowing we don't have to worry over it any further.

But, did you know it could be even better? Things working out is good, but things working out in satisfying ways is transcendent, as you'll see in this list.

"I’m a homebuilder, this utility room does it for me."

I'm decidedly not a homebuilder and this utility room still does it for me. It's an organizational marvel to be appreciated by all.

"The paint retained the shape of my palette when I peeled it off."

Two palettes for the price of one! With one plastic palette, create infinite replicas and an illegal palette printing gig.

"This tree looks like broccoli."

It does look like broccoli, but also the lighting and the way it's so perfectly rounded gave me shivers.

"The way my sunglasses fit in the cup holder of this car."

It's all fun and games until you forget they're in there and try to put a cup in too, then you're either getting a spill or a break.

"Tomato Rainbow."

This looks like an extremely overcomplicated traffic light. Which green means go?

"Found an absurdly long curly fry in my bag."

They unraveled an entire potato for that one. Get a few of those and you'll essentially have a plate of spaghetti.

"This shepherd's pie I made."

This looks like literal waves of mashed potatoes, perfectly baked. I just ate lunch but my stomach is still rumbling at the sight of this.

"My perfectly proofed cinnamon rolls."

Why so many perfect food pictures on this one, huh? Just to tease me? To mock my inability to make cinnamon rolls? I suppose that is a personal failing.

'Finally found something that fits perfectly in this stupid tiny refrigerator shelf."

A double whammy of satisfaction, a perfect fit mixed with a perfect solution to an otherwise useless feature.

"The way these trees look pixelated [...]."

I'm wearing my glasses, but this picture makes me feel like I'm not. It's actively worsening my eyesight.

"This 2D café we visited in Seoul."

There's no way that eating here wouldn't be the trippiest experience. I mean trippiest literally, I think I would fall a lot here.

"The way these sodas are stacked."

People who design displays like this in grocery stores, book stores, and the like are truly the backbone of society.

"This shadow on the parking lines."

Hey, sun? Any way you could just stop there? No need for a day and night cycle anymore, right here is just perfect.

"I finished the end of my last assignment for my course on the very last page of my notebook for said course."

This phenomenon feels like something of myth, which every student only dreams of accomplishing in their lifetime.

"My TV screensaver changed to this, and matched the tulips I got my wife!"

The world is acknowledging the nice thing you did, encouraging you and telling you it's appreciated!

"Colour sorted markers in a Bucharest store."

How could you bring yourself to take any when it's so perfect? Who would want to ruin this harmony?

"I found, what appears to be, a perfectly circular rock."

No special markings or runes anywhere? That's way too perfect for it not to be some sort of magic talisman.

"My kid was talking about the white crow for years, not BS I guess."

The crow definitely had this planned. Specifically hiding itself from you so you'd think your kid was just lying, only to reveal itself at the perfect moment. That'll teach you to doubt your kid.

"Opened a cup of yogurt cleanly."

This is truly the only thing I have on my bucket list. I need to do this someday, or else I won't feel like I've truly lived.

"This is how my boyfriend catches plushies in the arcade."

This is way, way more impressive than doing it the regular way. What sort of sorcery is this?

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