Mom Online Criticized For Throwing Out Son's Toys After He Refused To Clean His Room

Many parents have their own way of "punishing" their children when they don't listen to them and do as they say. For some parents, grounding them and taking things away is an effective tool for getting their children to listen. For others, they disagree.

Recently, one mom online came under fire for her parenting strategy.

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TikTok user @tabathamarie shared a video in which she showcased how she deals with her messy son and some people were not in agreement.

The mom said that she asked her son to clean up.

The mom said that she asked her son to clean up his messy toys not once, but twice. And, instead, he told her no, that she should clean for him.

Clearly, this mom wasn't happy with the response.

The mom said that she was not happy with the response from her son, calling it a chance to teach him a lesson.

The mom showcased how messy his room was.

All over his room, there were toys scattered on the floor. So much so, that it seemed impossible to even walk there.

The mom then got some trash bags.

She decided that she would clean for her son, by putting his toys into the trash. She went through the room with two white trash bags and put all the toys in there.

In the comments, the mom said she wasn't "throwing them out" in the trash.

Instead, she was putting them in the basement and slowly he will get them back when he learns about the responsibilities he has.

She said it was a lesson to teach her kids.

She wrote in the video that she wasn't "raising disrespectful men" and that it isn't just a mom or a woman's job to clean. She said that it was their job to clean up their own mess and that they should help when they can.

The video has led to some debates online with TikTok users.

Some TikTok users said it was a good lesson learned and that kids shouldn't disrespect anyone, including their parents.

Others said kids don't need so much.

Some commented that they agreed with the mom and that this kid had "too much stuff." Those users said that kids don't need so much.

However, some said he looked "too young" to be doing all this.

Some said judging by the toys in his room, he was "too young" to clean up alone and definitely too young to be punished this way.

Others said boys don't learn to clean as quickly.

One TikTok user said boys don't tend to "clean completely on their own" until age eight. So, until then, they do need help with cleaning things up.

Younger TikTok users found this mentality "sad."

They said that just because their own parents did this, doesn't mean they should continue this "cycle" with their own kids.

And, one TikTok user pointed out that this can lead to further problems.

One user said that their mom used to do the same thing and it "traumatized them" forever, where cleaning is still an "extremely stressful task."

The mom then wrote back on TikTok.

The mom claimed her son can "ride a dirt bike on his own and focus and ride amazing." Therefore, this mom believes her son can clean his room and stood by her punishment.

Do you agree with this mom?

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