Mayim Bialik Says She's Happy To Be The Kind Of Superhero That 'Wears Pyjamas And Cleans The Toilet'

There is no denying parents are superheroes. Point blank period. Parents that juggle their children, a social life and work truly deserve a round of applause every single day.

Now, actress and mother Mayim Bialik is opening up about never playing a superhero in a film, but still feeling like one to her children.

I know, right? Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever?!

Mayim Bialik has been on our TV screens for as long as I can remember!

The 45-year-old went from childhood TV star to starring on The Big Bang Theory. These days, Mayum currently stars on her own Fox series, Call Me Kat but there's still one role she's jonesing to play — a superhero!

In a new interview with *Insider* the actress got candid about her desire to play in a superhero film or TV show.

"I've tried very hard and I'd like to believe that one day it might happen," Mayim told the publication.

"I did audition to play the teacher in one of the 'Spider-Man' [movies], but I didn't get it," she revealed.

"I'm past the young ingenue character, but I still think there might be a place for me," Mayim continued.

"I'm a huge Marvel and DC person, but obviously DC is my Warner Bros. family. I'm pretty partial to that."

Mayim even knows what skills would be her hero's super strength.

"I happen to be very athletic and many people have said there's a superhero in you, even if it's like a comedy superhero. So, you never know."

Until that one fine day, the mom of two says she's OK with being the hero of her own house.

"I think I'm my own kind of superhero except the kind that wears pajamas around the house and cleans the toilet," she joked. "So as long as my kids still think I'm a superhero for making dinner and doing that, I think I'm pretty good."

Preach it, Mayim!

h/t: Insider.