Photo Of Dad Sleeping On Hospital Floor Sparks Debate About Equal Parenting

Many times when it comes to parenting, many people feel that moms are more responsible than dads. Sometimes, moms bear the brunt of day-to-day things such as housework and caring for kids at home. And, many things like doctor's appointments and check-ups fall on moms, too.

Some households have a working dad and a stay-at-home mom.

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Some couples have the father at work and the mother staying home, leaving many of the parenting responsibilities to the mom.

But, sometimes, things are different in other households.

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Even though some dads may work, there are parents who feel it is absolutely necessary to split the day-to-day parenting tasks — especially when it comes to emergencies.

Recently, one mom's Facebook photo has sparked a debate across social media.

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Sara Duncan posted a photo of her husband, Joe, sleeping on the floor of the emergency room of the hospital after they had brought in their daughter to be examined for wheezing.

In the post, she said some people may see one thing.

"Let’s talk about this because it doesn’t get enough attention......What some may see: a Dad sleeping while Mom stays awake holding their sleeping baby in the ER at 2 a.m.," Sara wrote.

But, the situation is totally different than what the photo shows.

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"What I see: A Dad sleeping on the hard floor of an ER after working 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week for the last month, despite the fact his wife asked him to stay home and rest all because he didn’t want his babies in STL alone.

Because he didn’t want his wife to have to do it on her own, no matter how exhausted he is," she continued.

She said sometimes, marriage and parenting changes.

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"Marriage and parenting isn’t 50/50. Some days it is. Other days it’s 60/40, 70/30, or even 80/20. And you have to be willing to pull your weight, no matter what your partner needs that day. This is what love is. This is what being a husband is," she said.

The post sparked some debate online.

Some said that the dad shouldn't be sleeping, but instead be awake to ensure that his wife and child are okay.

Others said marriage should always be 100/100.

Others commented on the post saying that a healthy and successful marriage should always be 100/100, with both partners giving it all, every day of the year.

Parents who recently had similar experiences to the Duncan family also chimed in.

This dad commented to say he had just spent 14 days in the NICU. There's nothing more difficult than having a child in the hospital.

Another mom said her husband drove two hours after a 13-hour shift to see his twins.

The mom said their twins had a minor surgery, and despite being exhausted, the dad drove to the hospital to see them. The mom was so appreciative of her husband's help.

Sara's post went viral online.

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The post has racked up 28,000 reactions and over 2,000 comments on Facebook. It was even covered by Good Morning America!

For many, this post became a tribute for all the hardworking dads out there.

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Many saw their own husbands and fathers in Sara's husband and took the opportunity to tag their loved ones in the comments to say that they were thinking about all their sacrifices.

But, in the long run, many said that this dad got it.

A vast majority of people said, however, that this is wonderful for Sara to recognize her husband as a hard worker and a caring father. Many people online said the couple is blessed to have one another.

How do you divide up parenting duties in your family?

Based on this post, it seems that each family has to find the balance that works for them. The important thing is that each parent feels supported even when emergencies come up.

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