Hotel Lets Guests Foster A Dog During Their Stay — And Adopt It After Check Out

When most people think of staying at a hotel, they think of the usual amenities like A/C, a gym, a pool and maybe even a hot tub. Few people are expecting to have the option of fostering a dog during their stay and even adopting it when they've check out.

Then again, they probably haven't heard of this unique Mississippi hotel.

This hotel went from ordinary to extraordinary.

As Insider reported, Home2 Suites by Hilton in D'Iberville, Mississippi started off as a typical Hilton hotel until Director of Sales Teresa Johnston had an idea that would change everything.

She wanted to form a collaboration with a local humane society to bring unsheltered dogs to the hotel for the possibility of bonding with, and even being adopted by guests.

She formed a program called Fostering Hope.

Johnston set up a system in which one dog looking for a home visits the hotel at a time and is able to spend time with hotel guests and staff for awhile. It's basically a chance for guests to foster the dog by feeding, walking and cuddling their new furry friend during their stay.

"[The guests] were missing something, I could see it, '' Johnston told Insider. "They were missing home and they were missing animals. I thought, 'why can't we put the two together?'"

Guests can even adopt the dog if they happen to form a special bond.

If a guest (or even a member of the staff) falls in love with the hotel's furry friend, they can adopt them when they check out.

Then, the next dog will be brought in until they find a home as well, which is how over 60 dogs have found forever homes through the Fostering Hope Program.

Every dog brings warm memories to the entire hotel.

This unique idea has brought festive and loving feelings into the entire hotel for both staff and guests to enjoy. From funny stories to heartfelt bonding moments, dogs do really bring something special everywhere they go.

Let us know what you think of this dog fostering Hilton hotel in the comments and if you'd like to visit one day.

h/t: Insider