TikTok User Showcases The Forgotten Beauty Of Vintage Makeup Products

Vintage makeup just hits different.

From packaging, to pigment, to quality, vintage makeup is a delight to explore. TikTok user @myvintagevanity (aka Melanie) agrees — that's why she began documenting her incredible vintage makeup collection!

You just have to see some of the pieces she has. Let's do this!

Her first video was about a small compact.

This compact had hand painted elements and was actually made of metal! I can imagine using a metal compact. It would be so luxurious, you know?

Vintage compacts were actually better at sustainability, too.

Each part of the compact — which featured a blush stain and powder — could be removed and replaced! That's much better than just throwing out a plastic compact when you hit pan on it.

This amazing spike compact is almost 100 years old.

It's hard to believe that makeup that old still exists these days! It's not usable, of course, but the fact that the packaging stood the test of time is amazing.

It had lots of little hidden compartments, too.

This has a larger space for powder, and then a smaller piece for a coral-toned lipstick! That color is absolutely stunning, and it's almost a shame it can't be used now.

This compact blew me away.

Hailing from the 1950s, this gorgeous fan compact features a mural of forget-me-nots on the front! I would totally carry this around now, it's too pretty to just leave in a drawer.

It features a large mirror, too!

It seems like brands these days question whether we even need mirrors with our palettes, which is just ridiculous (looking at you, ColourPop). This one has a gorgeous mirror and a compartment for powder!

Believe it or not, this triangle compact is a Fabergé design.

This is called the "Tigress" compact, and features cream powder inside. The metal compact is embossed with gorgeous strips, too! I can't believe Fabergé used to make compacts, I had no idea!

This gorgeous purple compact came from the '60s.

It's from a brand called Stratton, and was never used! The purple lid is so chic and so timeless. I really wish we still had makeup packaging like this.

So, how does she do it, and where does she find these treasures?

Melanie hits up a few different sites for her compacts, like Etsy, eBay, and Poshmark. She also visits vintage stores. I think estate sales would be another great place to start building your own collection!

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