Blank 'Krypt' Puzzle Contains Over 600 Unique Pieces For An Infuriating Challenge

Get ready to be pleasantly infuriated.

There's few things I find funnier than a blank puzzle. There's something so maniacal about designing a puzzle that can only be solved with infinite patience and precisely zero hints, you know? I'm sure that was the thought process behind Ravensburger's latest puzzle: the 'Krypt.'

This is hilarious.

Not only is this puzzle blank (well, technically it's silver), it features a friggin' interlocking circle for maximum frustration.

Ravensburger really chose violence when they designed this one.

Will you have a good time building this? Who's to say.

But you will feel accomplished as hell when those last pieces go in, and that's a satisfaction you can almost taste.

To get to that sweet last piece, you'll have to assemble about, oh, 654 pieces or so.

This is almost hard to look at.

However, rest assured that this puzzle was actually developed using anti-glare technology! It's developed to be easy on your eyes while you pull your hair out trying to find the exact right pieces.

This just looks delightfully entertaining.

This would be an amazing thing to pull out and play with friends! You can order it on Amazon for $19.66 right now. Happy building, you challenge seekers!

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