Portable Prosecco Glasses Will Upgrade Beach Picnics This Summer

So, while browsing TikTok, I came across one of the most important finds in history. Yes, I said that. Yes, I am a very confident person.

See, Fred (the brand, not a person you know) released a glass that transforms itself to become portable, and it's perfect for summer. Let's check it out, and you're welcome in advance.

Here's the TikTok.

Fred, aka @genuinefred, posted a TikTok at the beach. It caught my eye because of the beach, of course, but the cup is worth a glance or two.

How cool is this?

Called the "Portable Prosecco," these glasses are for bubbly on the go. They're made of plastic, which is ideal for travel. I'm loving the gold color on the stems. Very beach bougie.

It's the perfect size for a cheeky drink on the beach.

It holds 7oz, which is a perfectly respectable amount for some outdoor drinking. When you're done, simply flip the stem inside the glass and tuck it back in your bag!

You can get it at Fred's website.

Not to be confused with your friend Fred, who has an Etsy shop.

Anyway, you can get a set of 2 for $12.00 right here.

Happy sipping, and make sure you can legally drink on the beach before you buy these! Just a fun tip from me to you.

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