15+ Everyday Objects That Look Nothing Like We're Used To Seeing Them

It's not that we as humans are used to always getting our way, but we have certain expectations in place when it comes to things we're familiar with. Those expectations not being met aren't always bad, though; sometimes it can be rather fascinating.

This list showcases some stark differences seen in everyday objects, instances where they look nothing like we're used to seeing them.

"I made a circle out of lego bricks."

This isn't technically illegal, but it certainly feels illegal. I get the urge to shield my eyes.

"This very long ambulance I saw in Toronto today."

Hey, giants get into accidents too and need medical assistance!

(Actually, though, it's called a 'mass casualty response unit,' which is self-explanatory.)

"Biggest fry I’ve seen in my life."

The only thing scarier than the size of this fry is thinking about the size of the potato that came before it.

'The way this tree is cut around the building."

I understand why they did this, but that doesn't mean it doesn't still feel off. The top shouldn't be wider than the bottom, it's a pine tree!

"My wife had a Cheerio tube in her Cheerios this morning."

If she saves it, she can use it as a straw to drink all the milk from her bowl at the end.

"There was a duck swimming in the lazy river."

Yeah, and? She deserves a nice, relaxing break after monitoring the pond all day. Let her chill.

"This toddler mannequin with four feet and no hands."

This outfit will look great on the child that you've trapped in a body-sock!

"Found a little piece of history during a hike in France : a Roman shoe nail."

That means that where you were standing, centuries ago, some Roman guy grumbled to himself as his shoe fell apart during a walk.

"My onion rings were apparently made by David Blaine."

These onion rings are best friends with an unbreakable bond. You must eat them together, or not at all.

"A new pair of shoes wasn't in the budget but a Black Sharpie was (Left- Sharpie, Right- sun faded black)."

Another point to add to the ever-growing list of things sharpies are good for. Who needs clothing dye when you know how to color inside the lines?

"Sunscreen caused the letters to individually separate from the label."

There's a certain surreal air to this that makes it a little spooky, but ultimately super interesting!

"Crystal [Ferrari] that came into my work today."

I'm assuming most of us aren't 'used' to seeing Ferraris, but this one's still pretty out there as far as luxury cars go.

"I like how this shows how the goldfish are made, cut out of a big sheet with cookie-cutter like machines."

In my heart, I knew this is how they were made, but it still feels wrong to see. The whimsy, gone.

"I decided to let my broccoli keep growing, and see its flowers."

Can you still eat broccoli after it blooms like this? Can you have your cake and eat it too?

"A Death Star cloud I saw on my country drive."

Yeah, this is definitely a UFO with a malfunctioning cloaking device. Has anyone heard from the uploader lately?

'A KFC [restaurant] in Zhangzhou, China."

Logically, the food here would taste different than any other KFC. However, that isn't to say the architecture wouldn't influence me into thinking it does. It's just so pretty!

"A CD which isn't round (within that shape is a circle which can be read by a CD-player, the rest is cosmetic)."

I used to be a big CD collector when I was younger, and I didn't even know cosmetic discs like this existed! Why didn't more bands take advantage of this?

"This old color pencil box after termites ate all the wood."

Can't believe they would leave the best part behind like this. If they don't eat all their dinner, they won't get any dessert!

"Sheep forming circles."

This isn't scary at all. They definitely aren't communicating with the UFO I mentioned earlier. This is totally normal and not weird.

"Somehow this mosquito incense stick didn't want to fall."

He had something to prove to all the other incense sticks who said he was too small, too weak. Well, look who's strong now!

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