You Don't Have To Play Dress Up To Be The Ultimate Girl Dad, But It Does Help

Being a girl dad is one of the greatest honors a man could have, and sure, maybe I'm a bit biased as a daughter of an amazing girl dad, but it's true! Being a girl dad, especially in 2021, means embracing every side of your child, and yourself, and breaking down the gender roles that once told us all that we had to behave a certain way.

Recently, more and more celebrity dads have embraced their feminine side, and honestly, we love to see it!

There's no denying there is nothing *sexier* than when a man is a great dad.

Seeing a man being a good father is more attractive to me than a six-pack, a well-fitted suit, or a perfectly shaven beard — although those things do help.

And you know who makes especially hot dad? A hot celebrity!

One level above a good dad is a great *girl dad.* It's a title that should be worn with honor and pride!

So many awesome celebrities are also amazing girl dads, and honestly, it has been so heartwarming to see! Recently, so many celebrity girl dads have been showing their love for their little girls in the most adorable posts!

Like when Channing Tatum posed for this adorable pic with his daughter, Everly.

Another great girl dad moment was when Dwayne Wade dressed up for his daughter's Medieval Kingdom themed birthday party!

So many men throughout history have worn dresses and skirts, it really shouldn't be a big deal!

I love when men are able to push past the potential hate and embrace the experience that is making their child happy!

But like I said in the title, dad's don't have to play dress up to be great girl dads — take The Rock for example!

As a girl dad to three beautiful girls, Mr. Dwayne Johnson knows a thing or two about how to throw a good tea party!

Seeing his biceps looming over this tiny tea table is enough to make my eyes tear up.

One of the most recent and epic celebrity girl dad moments was when Adam Levine dawned a matching dress with his wife and two daughters.

It's so awesome to see dads in 2021 feeling comfortable and proud enough of their girl dad skills to show them off on social media. I hope this inspires more dads to get out there and get dressed up for their daughter's next tea party!