Man Turned DIY Painting Fail Into Stunning Bedroom Piece

If you fail, try try again.

That's what interior designer, Richard O'Gorman, did recently when he encountered a DIY fail during his house transformation project.

Instead of painting over a wall that was the wrong color, he created a gorgeous decor bedroom piece using quick, creative thinking.

The end result is stunning. Come see!

There are so many DIY disasters on the internet that will make you say, "DiWHY?"

Like this person who thought it would be a good idea to take pairs of last season's jeans and use them to make what is undoubtedly the ugliest carpet we've ever seen.

What happens if you step on a button?

Or this person who got grandma to make this toilet monstrosity.

Grandma shouldn't have been a part of this.

That bare porcelain throne you're sitting on is actually made to protect you. Not only that, but your desk right now probably has more germs.

But not every DIY fail has to stay a disaster. Richard O'Gorman, an interior designer, proved that recently.

For the past year, he's been transforming his two-story home in Birmingham, England with different wall murals.

By sharing his cheerful, vibrant transformations on Instagram, he's amassed more than 37 thousand subscribers.

And it's not just his own house that he does!

He even helped create a salon space, which means that his designs are going to be seen by people who don't even follow him on Instagram.

"Jordan & Ben came to me a few months ago with an idea (and multiple screenshots of @thistimeincolour ‘s house) and we set to work creating this salon space that’s audaciously retro without ever looking back" he wrote.

"A shop that’s joyful, colourful and irreverent, but always with a sense of humour and bucketloads of fizz 🌈🌈🌈"

Here's one of his stunning transformations:

He considers this arch to be his favorite in the whole house (we can see why!).

That arch seriously looks 3D! Plus, let's be honest, the colors just leave you feeling so happy.

"This might just be my favourite arch of them all (but shh, don’t tell the others!) 💖💚💛,"

"I love that it could be the portal to another dimensions, I love that it will evoke Grecian sunsets and Moroccan summers for my dinner guests but most of all I love that it feels 3D."

This guest bedroom transformation is everything.

Wouldn't you want to just lay down and stare at the ceiling??

But while most of his murals have gone on without a hitch, he reached a snag recently.

This happened when he chose to paint his bedroom a rich dark green color paired with burgundy accents on the door and fireplace.

Sounds pretty, but O'Gorman told Insider that it made his room look more like the set of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

"I really pushed forward and tried to make it work, but it looked ridiculous..."

"I was constantly craving mince pies and egg nog β€” so I knew I had to change it up," he said.

You're going to want to take note on this next part because what he did to fix it is SO brilliant!

First, he fixed the burgundy accents around his bedroom door by using shades of brown to create a rust effect.

"The beauty of paint is that it's inexpensive and paint over-able, and no one will ever know," he told Insider.

Then, he fixed up the red fireplace accent by first adding a dark base layer and then lightening it up with lighter shades of brown and white paint.

This, too, gave the wall a gorgeous rust effect. What do you think of the transformation?

Through all this, O'Gorman learned a valuable lesson that you can take with you:

"Sometimes messing up leads you to the right decision."

You can see more of O'Gorman's house transformations, on Instagram!

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