15+ Worn Objects That Are Doing All They Can To Stand The Test Of Time

Seeing an object that's clearly old and used is often a good sign, as it means it's been appreciated by those around it. However, it may soon be time for that object to be retired, as wear and tear can also lead to breakage.

In this list, though, we'll see some worn objects that are doing all they can to stick around and stand the test of time.

"My Dad has worn this spoon down over 30 years from scraping the bottom of cooking pans and pots."

Not sure if this qualifies as a spoon anymore given its inability to scoop, but it's still a great stir stick!

"I got the one on the left for Christmas in 1995. I got the one on the right from [eBay] yesterday. So happy to see my childhood buddy the way I remember him!"

Worn stuffed animals are always the sweetest thing to see. Nothing receives quite as much love as childhood toys!

"Spot worn on my son's pachycephalosaurus' head from years of head-butting other dinosaurs."

Speaking of well-loved childhood toys, this one isn't quite as soft as a stuffed animal but it's clear their son still adores it.

"Where people have been sliding in and out of this forklift."

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, though in this case a bit of duct tape might help.

"I Don't Remember How Old My Keyboard Is."

'Old as hell' is a good enough answer here. Not that it matters, it looks like you'll be using that board until you punch a hole through the keys.

"Brand new pizza hut large pan vs old one after nearly a decade of use.."

The number of get-togethers, parties, and hangouts the pan on the right has aided in. Thank you for your service.

"A pedal on the piano in a university practice room."

The hole is due to all the university students taking out their pent-up anger and stress on this pedal while on study breaks.

"The floor by this pool table that’s been in use since 1945."

Give it another 45 years and there will be a trench around that table. Add water and it'll be a moat.

"Favourite spot."

That dog is peeling back layers like a jawbreaker. The owner might lose a door but there's no way he can deny his best friend the thrill of the car ride!

"Flag snap clip after approximately 20 years securing a flag above a fire station."

So are you replacing it or are you counting the days until the flag breaks free and starts its own windbound journey?

"Finally traded out my 30 year old tool box!"

The old one has a certain charm to it, but the bright red of the new one carries excitement. Both have their value!

"1987 Shure SM-57 microphone, used to mic drums about 1000 times, and a 2019 one for comparison. Both sound great."

A tried and true design, clearly, seeing as they haven't felt the need to change it in over 30 years.

"The Counter at This Truck Stop."

What may look dirty or poorly kept to some is a sign of good, steady business to others!

"Cat scratcher we bought 3 months ago and the one we bought today."

I'm choosing to see this as art, a sculpture showing the inherently destructive lifestyle of cat society.

"One of the wheels on my boyfriend's chair at work."

So was it your boyfriend's stubbornness or the company's lack of adequate budget allocation that led to this? Both answers are troubling for different reasons.

"The railings of a pier in Newport, OR from people pulling up crab pots/rings. The whole thing looks like this on both sides."

There were so many attempts to carve new paths, and yet people still return to the deeper set old ones. An ode to tradition and familiarity.

"My worn binary watch, showing 4:14."

Someone in the comments explained how exactly to read this watch.

"Right is hours, middle 10 minutes, left single minutes. Each possible value has an led. So 12 holes, 6 holes (1 is for aesthetics, as there is no 4:60), and 9 for the single minutes." Confusing, but cool!

"I think this’ll be the last root ball I’ll ever remove with this grubbing hoe... ~50 years old?"

I hope you keep it around at least. It's done a lot for you, it deserves a place of eternal appreciation and honor.

"The worn off paint from the toothpaste squeezer that I've used for over 20 years."

For 20 years, that's not nearly as much wear as one would expect. Must be some strong paint.

"Well worn indeed."

A perfect way to give your store that rustic, DIY, 'we can't afford new floors' look.

Before long, this will be more patch than floor.

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