18+ People Who Are Getting Pretty Desperate

This world can wear you down a little from time to time, and there are some people who are less subtle at showing this than others!

From people who let searching for a parking space defeat them to siblings who needed extreme measures to be taken in order for them to get along, here are 14+ people who are getting a little desperate.

"Someone trying to get the council to fix the potholes in an ingenious way."

Between this graffiti and a strongly-worded email, I know which message a local council is more likely to respond to.

You Know It Makes Cents!

Can't say it seems like a good business model though, surely one cent per sheet of paper wouldn't cover the cost of materials?

"This gas station is getting desperate..."

The fact that they are this desperate to get people to work there is a little alarming, but you have to admire their attempts!

Will Someone Lend Michael A Hand?!

I genuinely don't know why anyone wouldn't want to join Michael's new band! I also think that the beatboxing would only make it better.

"My desperate local pizza parlor."

Sometimes you don't need a catchy slogan or a funny sign, you just need straight-up desperation!

"Maybe I should try humpback..."

I love how specific they have gone, but I cannot imagine how long they spent trying to figure out what the sound was like to accurately convey it to the mechanic!

Re-Heating Pizza 101...

Christ, just eat it cold! Cold pizza is great, also that looks like a hotel iron so God knows what has been on that!

"A cry for help from a Target employee..."

Something tells me that it wouldn't be hard to spot who did this. Just keep walking around the store until you see that one employee with a vacant, thousand yard stare out through a window.

"A local music store in my town has had this sign up for a few days. The shoe store across the street finally replied."

I would normally have thought that you couldn't force these things into being, but it seems like Super Shoes were ready and waiting for a fight!

What Kind Of Slide Is This?!

You'd have to be pretty desperate to want to play on this slide...or just have a damn death-wish!

"Her shirt says #Heavenbound. Literally, one of the last shirts you want to see on your flight."

Actually, I imagine that one called "#HellBound" would be slightly worse to see on a flight!

"When 'Finger lickin' good' gets lost in translation..."

I kind of love this slogan, it really sets your estimations low for what you're about to eat meaning you'll be pleasantly surprised!

"Has this ever happened to you before?"

In fairness, I don't think that I know anyone who hasn't experienced this at some point in their life. Everyone was a student cramming for an exam once after all!

"The last year has been hard on everyone..."

Since they lost Wayne manor, Alfred just occasionally passes Bruce cups of tea from the backseat.

"Girlfriend tried to claim a salad in the fridge."

Nothing will get someone playing The Internationale faster than when using communism as an excuse to eat someone else's food in a communal fridge.

End Of His Tether!

This man clearly got sick of doing the classic repeated laps around the car park until you happen to find someone leaving trick.

"For my sake and yours, I beg you..."

I bet that there were still a handful of BMW and Mercedes drivers who got right up behind them, it's just in their nature.

"Last ditch attempt to dry my jeans ASAP."

Now I can just imagine this person hoisting their trousers up into that tree like a sail on a ship as the evening goes on.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures..."

I feel like there are some siblings who could still do with one of these well into their adult years!

"My Grandpa cut a hole in his nice new fence so my dog could see people as they walk by and beg them for treats."

How could you not give this little one a treat, what with that face? Also, that is one hell of a ragged hole, what on Earth did they cut it with?!