Teen Saves Boy From 800 Miles Away After Watching Him Crash His ATV On TikTok

As the power of technology continues to expand and its limitations steadily dwindle, people are finding new and innovative ways to utilize its far-reaching capabilities.

That was certainly the case for one teen who came to the rescue after witnessing a boy who lives 800 miles away crash his ATV on TikTok. Some people may think that the popular media-sharing app is only good for viral dance videos, but this teen used it to save someone's life.

This West Virginia boy's TikTok livestream went very wrong.

Unsplash | Vitor Rossetto

As WMUR reported, 12-year-old Trent Jarrett was live-streaming himself while he rode his ATV, but the video quickly took a turn for the worst when he crashed.

Luckily for him, 13-year-old Caden Cotnoir was tuning in from New Hampshire and was still watching when the boy became pinned beneath his off-road vehicle.

“All of a sudden his phone goes kind of blank, you can see a little bit of light and you can just hear him yelling for help,” Cotnoir recalled.

Jarrett needed someone to call his grandparents.

Unsplash | Jonas Lee

The boy began desperately calling out his grandparent's home number, the only one he could remember in that moment, in the hopes that someone would call and inform them that he was in danger.

Fortunately Cotnoir was still watching the stream and quickly figured out what Jarrett needed. He dialed the numbers the boy was yelling out, and got in touch with Jarrett's grandparents to let them know what had happened.

Jarrett's parents found trapped under his ATV.

Unsplash | Vitor Rossetto

After Cotnoir successfully reached Jarett's grandparents, they likely contacted his parents.

Jarrett was then rescued by his parents after spending about 20 minutes beneath his overturned ATV. Incredibly, he only suffered a few scratches and bruises.

Despite being 800 miles away, Cotnoir saved Jarrett, and also gained a new friend.

Solen Feyissa l Unsplash

Prior to the accident, they had both followed each other on TikTok due to their similar interests in hunting, fishing and the outdoors. But it wasn't until after the ATV rescue that the two boys actually met via a Zoom call.

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h/t: WMUR