Birthday Tacos Are The New Trend Replacing Cakes

Brittany Rae

Tacos, but make them festive.

That's the idea behind birthday tacos, aka an invention I have only just heard of, but am now obsessed with. See, while some people opt for birthday cakes, others with more discerning palates are into the whole taco thing.

So, what would a birthday taco even look like? Let's find out.

Bet you didn't see this coming.

Of all the things you could have pictured, I promise you didn't picture this. These are birthday tacos, and they are replacing cakes for those who don't do the whole sweet tooth thing.

They were pioneered by a Houston-based restaurant.

Las Brasas Tacos & Grill in Houston, Texas offers birthday tacos in the shape of your imminent year, as well as toppings, dips, salsas, and other accompaniments of your choice.

Their customers absolutely love them.

And their prices are reasonable, too. You can get 50 tacos for $75 or $100 for $150, which is a total steal! That's so much taco for your buck.

They offer other shapes, too!

If you don't want to do the whole birthday taco thing, go for a lovely heart packed full of dips and salsas! This is the one I would go for.

Since Las Brasas Tacos & Grill posted about their birthday tacos online, the idea has gone viral.

Now, many restaurants are offering their own versions of the famous birthday taco platters.

The best thing about these tacos (besides the fact that they taste amazing) is that they make for a great photo op.

They are perfect for an Instagram-worthy birthday post, even when you're having a low-key birthday at home!

It's also incredibly easy to DIY your own birthday tacos for your next party.

Tacos have to be one of the easiest meals to cook for a large group of people — and that's mostly because people have to assemble them themselves!

Grab some tortillas, cook up your favorite fillings, and set out the toppings.

People can go to town making their own taco creations. Just don't forget to arrange the tacos into a number for the guest of honor's age!

There's no denying that tacos can make a great birthday even better.

Giphy | VH1

Birthdays already have the presents, decorations, and parties going for them. But now with tacos added to the mix, prepare to take your next birthday celebration to the next level.