Hugh Jackman Celebrates His 25th Anniversary With His Wife: 'I'm Forever Grateful'

25 years of marriage is impressive for any couple (that's a quarter of a century, hello!) but for Hollywood couples, it's practically unheard of!

Of course, if your husband is Hugh Jackman, it's probably a lot easier to let go of the little annoyances like not putting socks in the laundry hamper or losing the remote that tend to build up over the years.

Celebrity marriages don't have a reputation for being particulary long-lasting.

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For every Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley, there's a reality star marriage lasting 72 days. For every long-lasting celebrity relationship like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, there are five more month-long engagements from pop stars.

It's a hectic world!

That's why it's always impressive to see a celebrity couple celebrating an incredible milestone.

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We love to celebrate ANY couple that's been together for an incredible amount of time, but we also love to celebrate all of our favorite celebrities' accomplishments, and long and healthy marriages are definitely on that list.

Hugh Jackman is definitely one of OUR favorite celebrities.

Sure, he's an incredibly talented actor (The Wolverine, The Greatest Showman, Les Miserables, Prisoners and more, anyone?) and a certified hunk, but he also seems like a genuine good person with a great sense of humor!

He's also been married to his gorgeous wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, for 25 years, which he just celebrated on Instagram!

Hugh is no stranger to celebrating his wife on his social media.

On her birthday in November, he shared an incredibly sweet post honoring and celebrating her (and also showing off a pretty delicious looking birthday spread — I hope my husband is getting ideas for MY next birthday celebration).

"Happy birthday to my incredible wife," he wrote.

"Your courage, wit, open heartedness, loyalty, creativity, joie de vivre, cheekiness and spontaneity inspire me every day. I love you so much more than any caption can convey," he finished.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

His anniversary post was even more touching, if you can believe it!

"Being married to you Deb is as natural as breathing," Hugh wrote alongside wedding photos of the happy couple.

"From nearly the moment we met ... I knew our destiny was to be together. In our 25 years - our love has only grown deeper. The fun, excitement and adventure more exhilarating," he captioned the post.

Hugh continued:

"The learning even greater. I’m forever grateful to share our love, our life - and, our family together. We’ve only just begun. Deb, I love you with all my heart!" Hugh finished his caption.

Of course, fans took to the comments to share their love and congratulations.

"You are the reason I believe in soulmates," one commenter wrote.

"Such beautiful beautiful words. Happy Anniversary to you both. A truly lovely couple," one fan wrote, while another added, "Happy 25th anniversary to the sweetest Hugh and Deb, thanks for showing us what true love looks like."

Many fans shared that Hugh and Deb were an inspiration to them.

"Happy 25th / Silver Anniversary Hugh and Deb, the most amazing couple ever. May you have many , many more years of love and happiness together! Each day i am thankful for having you 2 as inspiration! Wishing you all the love in the world," one fan wrote.

What a special day for Hugh and Deb!

Happy anniversary to the happy couple, and may they share many more! 25 years is no joke (it's longer than some of you have probably been alive!) and should definitely be worth a big celebration!