15+ Everyday Objects That Looked A Lot Like Something Completely Different

Humans are constantly looking for patterns. Similarities, comparisons, anything that relates one thing to another thing. It's how we come to understand the world and put things in perspective!

This list contains more mundane cases of that exact action, though still interesting nonetheless. This is 15+ times everyday objects looked a lot like something completely different.

"The wet floor signs at our local aquarium."

Didn't think sharks could live in such shallow water, but I'm glad I know now, I can stay more vigilant.

"This coconut I found at the beach that looks like a blowfish."

He looks a little awkward too. "Um, hi, could you please throw me back into the water? My wife is waiting at home for me and I- I don't want to be late."

"This coffee stain on my table that looks like ET."

E.T., yes, but also the Eraserhead baby, which is significantly more worrisome.

"Waiting for my smog check, realized this coffee table looks like a coffin."

I'm all for recycling, but recycling coffin pieces feels questionable at best, especially so blatantly.

"The lens flare caused by the lantern makes it look like there's a new planet in our [night sky]."

Wouldn't that be an interesting new discovery? One night we all look up and there is a massive, massive orb in the sky that just...appeared?

"Our beat up truck box letting us know how it really feels."

You overwork this poor boy, and all without letting him wash up!

"The reflected sunlight on this wall looks like chromosomes preparing for meiosis."

I wouldn't be opposed to people just projecting science lessons on the sides of buildings. Maybe I could learn something when driving around, then.

"This piece of charcoal that looks like a burned USB."

If you plug it into your computer, you'll find it loaded with only pictures of campfires. Secret ones, though, you can't find these pics online.

"This tree that looks like a T-Rex."

I see more Godzilla, but huge reptilian beasts are in the eye of the beholder.

"And here I was all excited to go across the street and pet the... melting snowbank."

It might just be a snowbank, but it's still a good boy! A good, cold boy.

"Our dog looks like she has a perfect handlebar mustache."

Speaking of good boys, get a load of this one! Well, good girl, actually, a good girl with an even better 'stache.

"The roof turned into a keyboard."

Time to climb up top and run across it to see if it plays a little tune.

"Fermentation in the beer well looks like a brain."

I understand that fermentation is an organic process, but this looks a little too organic. Like an uncanny version of what 'organic' is.

"Happened upon a sleeping Ent on our block."

And you took a picture of him? It's not very nice to take photos of strangers, especially sleeping ones.

"I like to collect beach rocks. This one seems shy."

Shy, but smiling! Which means he's happy you found him and brought him home!

"I got a Santa Claus dollar in my change today."

I wouldn't be opposed to putting Santa on the dollar. He certainly makes it look jollier.

"I think my blanket wants to have a talk."

It just thinks you've been a little distant lately, and is wondering why you don't want to cuddle as much as you used to.

"Picasso pebble."

You should give this to that rock collector from a few photos ago, they'd be stoked over this find.

"Walnut looking like chewie."

A cheery Chewie too! A chestnut-colored cheery Chewie...chompanion. Let's pretend there's an 'h' in that word.

"My daughter found a stick that looks like a camel head."

I bet those dogs are annoyed that she wants to keep that stick instead of throwing it for them to fetch.

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