Lana Del Rey Dragged By Fans For Posting Pics Of Prince Philip And Queen Elizabeth

After the tragic passing of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and the husband to Queen Elizabeth II since 1947 on April 9th, 2021, many celebrities have taken to social media to share tributes in his memory.

However, not every celebrity's fan base has been supportive of this action, and musician Lana Del Rey has been called out by fans for her posts.

After the news broke of Prince Philip's passing, Lana took to her Instagram to share a handful of photographs.

The Instagram post contained a few slides of photographs of Prince Philip with Queen Elizabeth that Lana simply captioned, "I've always loved the way they loved."

Many fans of Lana took to the comments section to express their unhappiness with the tribute.

Fans had more than a couple reasons for criticizing this move from Lana.

Some fans pointed out that the Queen and Prince Philip were related, with one fan writing, "Lana girl they are literally cousins!"

"Not the colonizers lana..." another commented, while yet another fan wrote, "Theyre monarchs lana delete this."

"Nooo Lana! We're Team Diana in this house!" another fan wrote.

However, some fans took to the comments to defend Lana.

"It's her insta she can post whatever she wants and at the end of the day Elizabeth still lost a loved one," one fan wrote.

"I appreciate Lana showing respect to our Royal family!" another added. "Though seeing the comments makes me ashamed to be associated with this fan base, you all realize Lana is a grown woman who can post whatever she wants?"

What do you think?

Do you think Lana should've worded her post more carefully, or do you think her fans are overreacting and that Lana should be able to share what she likes on her page? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!