Ed O'Neill Celebrates His 76th Birthday

Some celebrities seem ageless, but usually celebrities seem ageless in very specific ways — some like Keanu Reeves or Paul Rudd seem to be eternally youthful, while others like Stanley Tucci seem to have been born as a finely-aged handsome man. Ed O'Neill definitely falls into that second category for me!

This year, Ed is turning 76!

Ed O'Neill is a legendary comedic actor.

For most actors, being in ONE iconic and long-running sitcom is an out-of-reach pipe dream, but Ed starred in two! We've loved Ed on our screens as both Al Bundy on Married With Children AND as Jay Pritchett on Modern Family.

Ed O'Neill was born on April 12th, 1946.

That means that this year, Ed is celebrating his 76th birthday!

Fans have taken to social media to celebrate the star and their favorite moments of his from across his decades of work in the industry!

Happy birthday, Ed!

We hope that 75 brings you as much happiness as all the other years have so far, and we're definitely grateful for all the hours of laughs you've brought to our living rooms over the years!