Dog Accidentally Gives Owner's Plain Shirt A DIY Makeover

Are you a fan of accidental art? I sure am. It's awesome to stumble upon something that wasn't supposed to be there, but now it looks quite amazing.

That's exactly what happened to this one lady's laundry when her dog accidentally ran into her bathroom. What happened next was both an accident and a happy surprise for the dog owner.

A six-year-old pit bull named Apollo could have gotten in big trouble after he barged into his owner's bathroom.

Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

All the doggo wanted was to drink some water from the toilet, as dogs often do. But what happened next was definitely unexpected.

Unbeknownst to Apollo, there was a spray bottle of bleach that he knocked over.

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

When the bottle fell, it spilled and got into some laundry. It could have spelled disaster for the unsuspecting owner, Tori. However, what she found surprised even her.

When Tori came home, she realized what had happened.

Obviously, she was concerned about her clothes. But when she picked up one black t-shirt, she discovered the coolest pattern the spilled bleach created on it. And she's not mad about it at all.

This is what I'm talking about here.

Tori's plain black tee got quite the transformation, don't you think? Now it looks like a spitfire. I would totally wear this shirt to a concert or something like that. What a cool pattern, huh?

Tori's pitbull Apollo became an accidental artist.

Doesn't he look absolutely adorable with his creation here? Oh my! He's probably so happy that he didn't get in trouble this time, ha, ha! Tori swears that he's actually a really good boy.

According to Tori, Appolo doesn't get into trouble now that he's six-years old.

He actually has other talents, too. He can sit, shake, and catch a dog treat tossed two inches in front of his nose with about 70% accuracy. Wow!

After Tori posted a picture of her dog's accidental art on Reddit, everyone has been raving about it.

Most people think this tee looks super cool now, and they would wear the heck out of it. In fact, Tori has already been doing that.

Some folks even started calling the dog some funny names.

Ha, ha! I love all of these. If only the dog knew how much praise he's getting, huh? On second thought, he might let it go to his head, no?

So what do you think of this story?

Do you believe it? Does it look like accidental art to you? Has your dog or cat ever done something that resulted in a great outcome? Share with me in the comments below.

h/t Bored Panda