18+ People Who Put A Ton Of Thought Into Their Jokes

This world is rammed full of little jokes that people put a ridiculous amount of effort into creating...and often with very little payoff.

However, that aside, please take your mind off the chaos of the world with these 15+ people who put a lot of thought into their jokes!

"Sugar and spice and a little bit of... Well, why?!"

I think that I have found what I will be getting as my first haircut when the hairdressers are open again!

"What do you think would liven the house up a bit?"

I wonder what kind of TV reception they get on this shark? I kind of cannot help but absolutely love this.

"Warning: Do Not Eat The Pets!"

It is just cruel to keep wild bread cooped up in a tank this small! Bread is meant to have fields of space to gallop around and frolic in!

"Condom Corsage

"Yeah, but does your corsage double up as protection in the bedroom?!"

"No...and I don't know if I'd want it to."

"This baby cake..."

Nothing says "Happy Pregnancy" quite like cutting into hundreds of tiny babies with a giant knife!

*Cue Bass*

If you did not hear the Seinfeld bass line when looking at this then there is something very wrong.

"Car shaped like a high heel..."

This must have taken a ridiculous amount of work and planning, but I just keep thinking...why? It looks like a special car on The Simpsons Hit And Run.

"Crocheted Saturn."

Who knew that Goya's masterpiece could ever be improved upon? And yet, here we are!

"A toilet bathtub."

At least she looks made up with it! One thing is for sure, it doesn't look like it would be comfortable to relax in, it's awful small!

"It's tough to find a good face tattoo..."

And I am not sure if we have found one actually. But it took a lot of commitment and work to see this through!


If only the kid who drew this in this textbook spent that time studying. Wow, I feel old having said that.

"Did a double take when I saw this rock in my friend’s yard. She said it came from the tenants before her, but I think it is the tenant."

At first I was just creeped out by this, but now I am tempted to find someone who will immortalise me in stone like this as well.

"That's one way to cover up a dent..."

That is one hell of a "dent"! Although, I guess that is the extent of the damage that a tap from Mjölnir would do.

"This beard/haircut..."

It's bold, it's daring, it's...absolutely horrendous. You cannot knock his commitment to the look though!

"Mortadella advertisement billboard in Ljubljana, Slovenia."

This is a pretty damn impressive advert, and it is doing its job as I really want some ham now.

"I hate Mondays too..."

Now, I am not entirely sure what the thought process was for getting this, but there had to be one...surely?

"The only directions I needed!"

If someone opens up a taco shop to the left of this sign then they're in big trouble. Well, not "big" trouble, but a moderate amount of bother!

"Nailed it!"

I feel like they should have a road runner on the other side of the car sporting a smug grin. God I hated Road Runner as a kid.

"This Van Gogh necklace."

The shocked face on Van Gogh absolutely kills me. Although, I guess anyone would be shocked if they cut their own ear off!

"Like this post."

"Dave, just because it says 'follow this post' doesn't mean that you need to actually stand there and wait for it to move."

"Ssshhh! It's about to move!"