Frustrated First Grader Convinces Old Navy To Make Girls' Jeans With Real Pockets

While many people have heard stories of sending letters to community leaders and businesses to promote change, not many people actually do it themselves.

So it is especially impressive to hear this story a frustrated first grade student from Arkansas who wrote a letter to Old Navy with one important clothing request, and actually received a truly inspiring response from the clothing company.

7-year-old Kamryn Gardner is a student at Evening Star Elementary School in Bentonville, Arkansas who had a concern to express to Old Navy.

As Good Morning America reported, the youngster was inspired to pen a note to the company after learning how to write a persuasive letter in class. Her handwritten letter addressed what she felt was a rather big issue: the fake pockets in Old Navy girls' pants.

As she wrote,

"I do not like that the front pockets of the girls jeans are fake. I want front pockets because I want to put my hands in them. I also would like to put things in them. Would you consider making girls jeans with front pockets that are not fake. Thank you for reading my request."

Kamryn got an exciting reply from Old Navy.

Kimberly Gardner, Kamryn's mom and first grade teacher, told GMA her daughter was inspired to write her letter after noticing her brother's jeans had pockets large enough to hold things while hers, in the girls design, did not.

Kamryn didn't think that was fair, and apparently the Old Navy Kids Product Team was grateful that she decided to share her thoughts. They even sent the first grader a personalized reply thanking her.

Old Navy also had a some presents for Kamryn.

The Old Navy team asked for the youngster's pant size in their reply to her and then sent her an exciting surprise: four pairs of jeans! And the best part? Each pair came complete with full-fledged pockets!

The company just couldn't deny how impressive this smart and passionate first-grader is already at such a young age, and wanted to thank her for pointing out a problem she felt needed correcting.

We can't help but to be impressed by Kamryn, too.

If this little girl is already inspiring fellow classmates, teachers, parents and large clothing retailers at 7 years old, we can't wait to see how many groundbreaking things she'll do as she grows up. It seems the sky is the limit for this young lady.

Let us know what you think of this impressive story in the comments and if Gardner's letter inspires you.

h/t: Good Morning America