Mom's Viral Photo Shows The Importance Of Using Children's Car Seats Properly

All parents know that one of the most important purchases they'll make for their children is the car seat they use in the car. Despite there being dozens of brands and models on the market, there is nothing more important than the safety of our children.

No matter what brand you choose, the important thing is simple.

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The important thing when using car seats is that you install them properly and buckle your kids in the correct way.

Even the smallest mistake in buckling can lead to serious consequences.

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When you buckle your kids in the wrong way, it can lead to serious consequences — like putting your kids in harm's way.

The proof is in the photos.

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One mom shared a photo on Facebook that showcased the importance of buckling your kids in their car seats the right way.

The photo was taken after a serious car accident.

"THIS is why you buckle your kids into their car seats correctly every SINGLE time. Even when they scream because the straps are tight. Even when they complain about the chest clip or being rear-facing," she wrote.

The other driver in this collision had run a red light.

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"We stopped for milk on the way home from preschool yesterday. We were minutes from home. Someone sped through a red light and slammed into us," she continued.

His two boys were only okay because they were buckled correctly.

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"You never think it will happen to you. My boys escaped without a scratch but the paramedics told me it could have been very different had I not taken the extra 2 minutes to be sure they were buckled correctly," she said.

The car seats in the photo are totally unharmed and fine.

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Although the car is totaled, the car seats were completely fine and the photo showcases that it really does matter how you take care of your kids in the car.

Even though these car seats look okay, since they were involved in a collision, the mom will have to replace them, according to car seat safety guidelines.

People online felt reassured by the photo.

After seeing the photo and the car seats, people began commenting that they use the same model and they were "reassured" the kids were okay.

Others said that this is exactly why they buckle their kids every time.

Others said that this is why they won't drive or move their car until their kids are buckled and that they don't care if they're late. The photo is an important reminder to always put safety first!