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Hallmark Channel Star Rebecca Lamarche Opens Up About Advocating For Diverse Storytelling

There are few things as universally loved as a Hallmark movie. These enjoyable, feel-good movies have a way of sweeping viewers away, but that experience is not without hard work behind the scenes, a fact that actress Rebecca Lamarche knows first hand.

As a filmmaker, producer, casting director, and actress, Rebecca has experienced both sides of the camera, and now, she's telling Diply how it's enhanced her acting ability while sharing the importance of diverse representation in every step of the filmmaking process.

Rebecca Lamarche is so much more than just an actress.

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The bilingual beauty has also had ample experience on the filmmaking side of the industry. Being able to assist with casting and movie development has become just as special to her as the acting process.

Rebecca also believes this filmmaking experience has made her a better actress.

"The casting [process] is so informative... I find watching all these amazing actors perform is like osmosis."

Having had ample experience in both, she knows the ins and outs of what makes a great movie. "It's my superpower," she admitted.

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"It's a no-brainer on how it informs me as an actor, because I approach projects at such a different level."

Her most recent film, Fit For A Prince premiered on the Hallmark Channel in March.

After not originally landing the role she auditioned for, Rebecca was hesitant to accept the part.

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"At first, I was reading the script and I thought 'oh my God, she's not likable at all!'" she confessed about her character, Brooke Hamilton. "But the more I played with it, I found how she could be really fun and really charming, and I think likable."

In the end, Rebecca told us she had a blast playing the royal socialite, saying it was different from any other character she had played in the past.

As a filmmaker, producer, actress, and casting director, Rebecca has made it a priority for years to advocate for people of color in meaningful roles on-screen.

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She explained to us the importance of representation from both a personal level and on a professional level.

"On a human level, in any workplace, if you can make a difference to be more inclusive it's important. But on a storytelling level, it's really interesting because you're not just making space for people who deserve to be there.. you get new stories and new perspectives."

"So not only is it important on a human level to make sure that people get opportunities they deserve, but it's also very interesting from a storytelling level because it's new perspectives and new voices that I don't bring to the table, but I can by including people."

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These efforts in diversity were recognized last spring, when Rebecca was included in a panel for the Toronto BIPOC TV & Film community to discuss the TV "Movie Of The Week" genre, representation, and opportunities.

When she's not working on a new project, you can find Rebecca outdoors, enjoying the company of her boyfriend and dogs.

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When we asked Rebecca what would surprise people about her, she replied confidently, "I'm not a pushover."

"I think that a lot of the times when you're friendly and nice and bubbly, people kind of expect you to be a doormat but I have never been that way. I always speak up for myself and for the people around me."

Be sure to catch Rebecca in the upcoming thriller Deadly Mom Retreat, coming soon to Lifetime.