'Teddy Bear' Sunflowers Look Cute Enough To Cuddle

I know, I know. I also had no idea what a teddy bear sunflower was before researching for this article, and trust me: you're going to end up loving it, just like me.

See, sunflowers have variety. They aren't just the standard ones we picture when thinking about them! They can actually be so much cuter than that.

Never has a flower been more appropriately named.

I can't describe why, but these sunflowers just look like teddy bears. You know? They look soft and fluffy, like a teddy bear's ears. I want to touch one right now.

Look at it.

Tell me you don't want to pet that sunflower. You do. I know you do. It's so cute!

They produce those same classic sunflower seeds we love to snack on, too!

You can grow your own pretty easily.

As it turns out, these guys are pretty common. You can even get teddy bear sunflower seeds at your local grocery store, garden center, or nursery!

Sorry, I was going to give you more information there, but I got distracted thinking that dog and his perfect sunflower.

They'll need full sun to thrive.

Sunflowers are called sunflowers for a reason, y'all. They need direct, full sun for six-eight hours a day, and well-drained soil. If you can provide them that, you'll have a garden full of them in no time!