Ben Affleck Gushes Over Ex Jennifer Lopez: 'Where Are You Keeping The Fountain Of Youth?'

Breakups are hard for everyone, celebrity or not. However, it's a lot easier to move on from your ex when you're not a celebrity. Think about it — they never can scrub the internet of pictures of themselves and their ex the way us normal people can.

Plus, everyone will always remember that you two were together. Especially if you had a cute couple name like Bennifer.

It's hard to believe Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been broken up for 17 YEARS!

It feels like it was just yesterday that they were filming the "Jenny From The Block" music video on a yacht in matching white bathing suits.

Ah, the good ol' days.

Well, it seems Ben can't believe it either, because he can't say enough good things about his ex-fiancé!

And really, can we blame him? Ms. Lopez is the most stunning 51-year-old on the planet.

Now, J.Lo is getting all of the praise she deserves as the cover feature for [InStyle] magazine's The Beauty issue.

In addition to an interview with Ms. Lopez, the mag interview friends and family of the 51-year-old, including Ben.

Of his ex, Ben said: "I thought I had a good work ethic, but I was completely humbled and blown away by what she was committed to doing day in and day out, the seriousness in which she took her work, the quiet and dedicated way she went about accomplishing her goals, and then how she would go back and redouble her efforts," he told the publication.

He continued: "She remains, to this day, the hardest-working person I've come across in this business."

"She has great talent, but she has also worked very hard for her success, and I'm so happy for her that she seems, at long last, to be getting the credit she deserves.

He then asked the question *everyone* wants to know: "Where are you keeping the fountain of youth?"

"Why do you look the same as you did in 2003 and it kind of looks like I'm in my 40s…at best?" he joked.

Jennifer responded, "I don't have any [beauty] secrets except JLo Beauty—and I'm giving them all to everyone with every product. Ben is funny! He still looks pretty good too."

Ugh, why do I still kinda love them together?

h/t: InStyle