Wife Says She Stopped Making Husband's Lunch After Learning What He Does With It

We may never all agree on everything, but can we all agree that if someone takes the time to pack us a lunch, they're automatically the best person ever?

Seriously, whether it's your mom slipping a good old PB&J into your lunch bag before school or your spouse filling your work cooler with last night's leftovers and a few extra goodies, people who ensure we're still eating well even once we've left the house are our heroes.

And they deserve to be treated as such.

One woman has been going above and beyond for her husband.

In a post submitted to the subreddit r/AmITheAsshole she begins by explaining that they are in the market for a new apartment and are trying to pinch pennies wherever they can to make that dream a reality much faster.

The first big cut? Costly fast food trips.

As the woman explained, her husband can spend quite a lot on take-out.

"He had no problem spending money daily on fast food and after doing the math he spends more than 300 a month on just fast food.," she wrote, adding that this amounts to about $20 every day.

After confronting her husband about his pricey eating habits, the woman offered to make him sandwiches for his work lunch every day as a compromise, and he agreed.

Everything was going really well.

The woman was dedicating time in her own mornings to carefully prepare her husband a delicious sandwich for him take to work.

In fact, she was making him two sandwiches every single day to keep him nice and satisfied so he wouldn't feel like he needed any fast-food at all. Two sandwiches is enough to keep anyone full, right?

Well, it wouldn't seem so, since he began requesting *more* than two sandwiches in his lunches.

The request was unusual, but the woman obliged. After all, he may have been dodging her questions about how the sandwiches tasted, but if he was asking for more, it must have been a good sign.

So she began packing him even more food, trusting that he was simply hard at work and in need of more fuel to get him through the day.

Recently, she and her husband hosted one of his co-workers for dinner, and the truth was finally revealed.

During the meal, the co-worker mentioned just how delicious the sandwiches the woman had been packing her husband in his lunches were.

"I thanked him," she recalled in her post. "Then he said the price was a bit much."

Wait, *what*?

Feeling rightfully confused, the woman pressed the co-worker for more information, and he explained that her husband has been selling her homemade sandwiches at work to other employees.

What does he do with the money he earns? Why, go buy fast food, of course!

Once the co-worker left what surely became an awkward dinner, the couple began to argue.

First the husband denied his work pal's claims, though eventually dropped the act and admitted that yes, he was selling the sandwiches. However, he didn't understand what the problem with that was since he's "making his own money."

"He ignored that I make so much efforts trying to make him a variety of sandwiches," the woman said. "And taking time at night to prepare everything. Not to mention going to the grocery store and buying the things he prefers. He makes about $15 a day by selling sandwiches."

Of course, this marked the end of the man's little sandwich hustle.

"I told him I will no longer be making him sandwiches if he's selling them to buy fast food," the woman said. "He defended himself calling this an overreaction since he's not spending money on fast food and said I was being unfair to start an argument over this."

At the end of the post, the woman said her husband now believes she owes him an apology (and more sandwiches). So she just wants Reddit to tell her one thing: is she the asshole in this situation?

The Reddit jury was barely out before they came back with their final verdict: *not the asshole*.

"He was profiting off your kindness and labor," this user pointed out. "He kept that he was selling them a secret because he knew it was wrong."

Another person agreed and added, "I'm angry for OP and then he has the audacity to twist it so it's somehow her fault."

However, there were also some people who actually commended the man.

As this user wrote,

"The guy is a mad genius in the non-relationship category. Gets sandwiches made for him, sells them to some other sucker, uses the money to buy food he actually wants. Not scoring any points with the wife (who is clearly [not the asshole] here) but I'll give him a solid A for creativity."

Many users also offered the woman some praise for what must clearly be some expert sandwich-making.

"Maybe consider opening a sammich delivery service," this user suggested. "Sounds like they're hot ticket items."

"[She] could offer to 'cater' an office lunch and the office people could chip in to pay for it since apparently hubby has invented a business for her," someone else chimed in.

What do you think of this situation? Who's in the right and who's in the wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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