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People Are Sharing Horrible Work Stories That Should Be Jokes But Are All Too Real

Anybody who has spent any time working in a public-facing job will have a horror story or two to share. Heck, even if you don't work with random strangers every day, you've probably got some stories about colorful co-workers or a demanding-but-out-of-touch boss who made your life a little too interesting.

Sometimes things happen in the workplace that are just so absurdly awful that they seem like they should be jokes, but they're just not funny.

On Twitter, the Cleveland chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America put out a call for "work experiences you wish were a joke," and wow, did people ever deliver.

They say timing is the key to comedy.

And the boss who made this "joke" shouldn't be listing comedy on his resume. Wow, is that ever in bad taste.

Talk about being jerked around.

If there's any kind of a silver lining to this person's story it's that you'd never want to work for the sort of company that would pull such a stunt.

"Too loud."

I get that work places have dress codes to keep up a professional veneer, and there are definitely things that are out of bounds, but... come on. A navy vest is not loud.

Maybe they should get hazard pay?

Pretty sure "human shield" isn't on a social worker's job description. And even if it is, there's no way they get paid enough to put up with that kind of nonsense.

Inside job.

From now on, I might just think of this story when someone says "Methinks he does protest too much." Because, well, this is a classic example of projection.

At least this story had a happy ending, because it's pretty awful without it.

"We're all friends."

If those words don't put a chill in your heart, I don't know what will. Those are the words someone desperately trying to avoid consequences for negligence will utter every single time.

Well, that's terrifying.

Not sure this story fits the description of things that should be jokes, because the implications are so awful — but it's definitely a workplace horror story.

Definitely don't get the punchline here.

It sure doesn't feel unreasonable to ask for an office that doesn't actively make you ill just by working in it. And this isn't a situation that seems terribly tough to fix.

You just move the copier, right?

Literally adding insult to injury.

Boy, guess that employer really dodged a bullet there, almost hiring someone whose arms can break!

Man, it's hard to even muster up enough sarcasm to show sufficient derision for that employer.

Just a glitch in the matrix, I'm sure.

Nothing says you matter to your employer quite like being quietly deleted from the system. Maybe this is why some workers wear loud clothing — to be more memorable.

Sorry for the inconvenience?

What do you even say to such selfishness and such a lack of empathy? How do you stay working for a manager who says something like that?

How dare you?

You know, I can actually hear the all caps, too. Perfect presentation.

That's gonna be a no from me.

I'm going to go ahead and just assume that that request was denied because...yikes. In fact, I'd run screaming from the store and not look back.

When cost cutting doesn't cut costs.

But does almost cost someone their job after a harrowing experience. And the employer is really the one at fault, too.


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