Fans Slam Lena Dunham For Releasing 'Plus-Size' Clothing Line That 'Isn't Plus-Size'

Lena Dunham is no stranger to controversy in her career, and with the launch of her plus-size clothing line, 11 Honoré, that's not about to change!

Lena's line has already been met with pushback from some fans who have taken issue with the diversity of sizing and the price point for the new line.

Lena Dunham is a familiar face for many of us.

Lena is an actress and writer best known for her starring role on HBO's Girls, but has also appeared in Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood, This is 40, and Tiny Furniture.

She's making headlines now for a very different reason!

Lena recently announced and explained her reasoning for creating a plus-size line on Instagram.

"I've always been a fluctuator, but it wasn't until I got into my thirties and had a hysterectomy that I started to really settle into my adult body and- spoiler alert- she wasn't a size 4," Lena shared on Instagram.

Lena continued.

"Once I was firmly in my plus-sized body, I started to look around at the fashion landscape and realized that the perceptions of bigger bodies- that we want to dress like grandmas, rockabilly chicks or club divas- are whack as hell," she went on.

Lena explained she wanted a variation of styles in her line.

"In truth there are as many variations of plus-sized girls as there are straight-sized girls. We want what you want, and we want it how you want it," she wrote, explaining that her goal was to create a diverse line of clothing for plus-size women.

"Vintage-inspired looks tend to exist in slim cuts for waifs," Lena said of her preferred style.

"I don't want any plus woman to wonder if she'll fit into these clothes. I know that I for one never want to pray as I pull up a pair of jeans again," Lena wrote.

"What a useless thing to pray about."

Lena encouraged fans who purchased looks from the line to share how they make them feel and to share their fashion journeys.

However, fans were quick to point out that it wasn't as plus-sized as they had hoped.

Fans took issue with the fact that the line only went up to size 26.

"Lena Dunham is making a plus-size clothing line, of which she originally only thought to make up to size 20 with prices starting at $98. The inclusivity is of OFF THE CHARTS here folks. Really thoughtful stuff!! I am blinded by the bravery!!" tweeted one fan sarcastically.

Other fans took issue with the higher price point for the line.

Many fans pointed out that a lot of plus-size clothing is already more expensive than the regular sized counterparts, and didn't feel that Lena's collection adequately addressed this issue with its pricing.

Some fans had issues with the pieces themselves.

"I wanna known which plus sized woman asked for more uninspired and unflattering clothes. that's literally all we get already," one fan tweeted. "Lena dunham would need to pay me $128,000 for me to wear that sad plain buttercream-coloured ballroom shirt."

The line stirred up a pretty big controversy.

However, not everyone was against the idea or the line itself.

"@lenadunham I am truly so excited to see your new clothing line. I always hate going shopping as a plus sized person," one fan tweeted about the collection.

What do you think?

Should Lena have included larger sizes in her line if inclusivity was the goal? Or are people just expecting too much? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!