Mom Praised For Teaching Her 'Rude' Daughter To Control Her Emotions

Many times, when our children are a bit rude or disrespectful, it's second nature for us to yell or scream at them to teach them a lesson. Often, disciplining children involves a punishment to showcase that behavior will not be tolerated.

It's clear that as parents, we want to stop this type of behavior.

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While stopping the behavior is important, many of us don't try to have our children understand just why that behavior is happening in the first place.

One mom known as Dr. Chae on Twitterrecently spoke out about how she handled her daughter's emotions.

She said her six-year-old was being "rude and curt" with her, so she asked her what was wrong. When her daughter didn't say anything, the mom asked, "Why are you being unkind to me?"

The daughter said, "I don't know."

The mom then said, "It's okay," and explained that sometimes she feels unhappy too. Then instead of punishing her daughter and yelling, the mom asked how she could help.

Her daughter said, "My brain tells me to be rude."

So, the mom explained that when she feels an "unhappy emotion," we take it out on others even if they don't deserve it.

Her daughter was surprised that her mom knew what was going on.

Her mom then taught her a new coping mechanism to say, "I'm not feeling my best self, I need a minute," instead of lashing out and being rude.

The two practiced saying it multiple times.

The mom said that she wanted her daughter to learn why she was having that response instead of making it a power trip about "being the adult."

The mom realized that it's a great lesson in emotional maturity.

The mom said she realized that even at the age of six, her daughter can learn how to challenge her own thoughts and learn how her brain works.

Many people on Twitter were impressed and praised the mom for her efforts.

One Twitter user said she "wished someone was gentle and understanding like this with her as a child." She added that many parents can be cold about how to parent their own child.

And, others said this mom is exactly the type of parent everyone needs.

Instead of the "neglectful" type of aggression, this Twitter user claims that calm and caring parenting is what works for kids best.

What do you think about this mom's approach?

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