Fans Are Worried About Jinger Duggar's Kids After She Fails To Post About Them For Weeks

If you're a fan of the hit TLC show Counting On, you know that Jinger Duggar and her hubby Jeremy Vuolo are one of the most beloved couples in the ultra-conservative Duggar family. The pair have maintained a close relationship with both Jinger's family and their faith, which is evident from both their social media accounts.

Now, the pair are being called out for not posting about her children on social media.

Being a parent isn't easy. I know, right? Have I won an award for the most obvious statement of all time?

However, being a parent on social media can add even more stress! It can seem like people are always trying to call you out for something.

Recently, fans have been concerned about Jinger's children.

The 27-year-old went from posting lots of content with her children, to hardly any at all.

There could be many reasons why Jinger has chosen to take her kids out of the spotlight, but that didn't stop fans from speculating.

For Easter, Jinger posted this sweet pic of herself and hubby Jeremy with the caption "He is Risen!"

While many fans praised the sweet duo, others were concerned about where their kids were.

"Apparently they have no children anymore," wrote one follower.

"Where are your little girls?' asked a different follower.

"Why don’t you share the kids anymore?" echoed another.

One fan took a different route and shared a heartfelt message of concern under Jinger's post:

"I totally understand if you all want to stop posting pictures of your children. But, it would be nice if you simply SAID that. Instead of letting everyone worry that something is wrong. You were happily posting lots of pictures and videos, and then suddenly stopped with no explanation. So, I'm sure you realize why people are confused and concerned. Because we care about you all."

The last family photo Jinger posted was in November, 2020.

While I'm sure the pair have simply decided to keep their children off of social media, I hope concerned fans get the answer they're looking for!