Bride Says She Expects Each Guest To Spend $400 Or More On Her Wedding Gifts

It's pretty traditional for a newly married couple to receive gifts from their guests on their wedding day.

However, many impending brides and grooms have their own unique approaches to wedding gifts. Some make a wedding registry to guide guests on what they need while others invite everyone to give as they like.

Occasionally, the expectations for this special day are unfortunately a bit controversial.

Wedding registries can be very practical.

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Many couples make wedding registries to help the guests ensure that they aren't buying the married couple gifts they won't use or want. It can be very practical as long as everyone is on the same page.

Some people have higher expectations than others.

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Whether it be the bride or groom, or even both, sometimes there's a large expectation for family and friends to be extremely generous for the upcoming wedding.

It may be the case that the amount of gifts is thought to be equal to the amount of love.

One future bride expected her guests to meet her lavish standards.

Someone headed to the popular subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars after receiving quite the surprising message from one seemingly greedy future bride.

She provided a detailed lists of items that she felt would be acceptable wedding gifts, each of them with a price tag of $400 or more.

This bride was looking for a whole lot more than RSVPS.

The beginning of her list, which appears in this Facebook post screenshot seems normal enough as she reminds her guests to confirm their attendance.

But then things quickly take a turn for the greedy.

In that same post, she writes that they "MUST" choose from her gift list or consult her first.

She then goes on to list expensive designer clothes, purses, and even gift cards to high-end stores, specifying that each item must cost at lest $400.

She also added in "new tile floors for the entire house" to her list, though recognized "this one is a bit of a stretch."

She even threw a car on her list of wedding wants, just for good measure.

If you're not familiar with typical weddings, just know that this is not normal.

Some people ask for kitchenware while other request home decor, but this bride-to-be asked guests to buy her "a new car."

Or if that was a bit out of their price range, she would settle for "a new trim" for her current car.

It certainly seems like she decided to use her wedding gift list as a sort of ultimate wish list, but still seriously expected people to pick things from it as if she were asking for a new dish set.

We know that some people live by the saying, "go big or go home," but this bride is jut taking things way too far, don't you think?

She thought it was important to add high-class paintings, too.

As the bride wrote in her post, "any HIGH CLASS paintings or decorations totaling $400 or more" would also be acceptable gifts.

Her posh demands lend the question as to what kind of lifestyle she may be trying to make, or more likely fake.

She couldn't even settle for affordable KitchenAid products.

KitchenAid offers many budget-friendly options that most people would find to be a bit more reasonable, especially for a wedding present. However, for this future bride, that simply will not do.

She demanded that guests stick to $350 or higher when it comes to shopping this particular brand and added, "this does NOT mean regular kitchen items like an apron or a spatula."

We don't know why the all-caps was needed, but can't deny the scary vibes we're getting.

The Reddit people have spoken.

One person was honest and wrote, "I'd just tell her straight up that her behavior is reprehensible and I don't want to come. Or more likely, I'd ask her fiancé if he'd seen the post and that it's why I'm not coming."

Someone else thought the post was quite comical, especially the last little bit: "Lol, 'first come, first serve' as if people would be fighting over each other's to buy her gifts."

Other users offered their own potential gift suggestions in response to the bride's unreasonable demands.

"I'd turn up but gift her the cheapest toaster I could find," this person wrote.

Someone else added, "I liked the 'anything in relation to my car' bit — I'd give her a coupon for an oil change!"

Some people were dying to know how the recipients reacted.

The screenshot of the bride's Facebook post revealed that there were 38 comments, but unfortunately Reddit users can't see them.

"They really left us hanging with no view of the 38 comments," someone said.

There were similar Reddit comments from others that wanted all of the tea to be spilled on this one, but tragically we'll never know how the people of Facebook responded to this super demanding bride.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this bride's master wedding gift registry and if you think she was being reasonable in her $400 gift minimum.

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