Beauty Brand Creates Genius Zero-Waste Lipstick

These days, it seems like everyone has a makeup line. From celebrities to influencers, there's a massive market of stuff for us to wade through.

So, what makes a brand stand out these days? Axiology knows the answer: 100% sustainable and recyclable products. Yup. 100%. How? Let's find out.

Axiology was founded by makeup lover Ericka Rodriguez.

Her goal was simple: make something that wasn't "evil." That meant making a product that was cruelty free, natural, ethically sourced, and vegan. Oh, and it actually had to have pigment.

She pulled it off, and then some.

Axiology is now a worldwide brand, selling in major retailers like Ulta and Nordstrom. And yes, they're still an ethical, sustainable brand, thanks to their vegan ingredients and recycled packaging!

Their biggest claim to fame is the 100% natural Balmie.

The Balmie is handmade with natural ingredients by the Axiology team in the USA. Its wrapping is made of recycled paper, and can be peeled away as you use it!

Their Balmies work as lipstick, cheek stain, eyeshadow, and highlighter!

They really do it all, huh? The Balmies can be used on your eyes, lips, and cheek. They give a more subtle color on the eyes and cheeks, and they really pop on your lips.

It's packaged in a recycled box, too.

Their packaging is made of post-consumer recycled materials, which you can then actually recycle yourself when you're done with it. A small team in Bali makes all of Axiology's packaging!

Their partner in Bali is owned by women, too!

When founder Ericka Rodriguez visited Bali, she came across a female-owned company dedicated to taking trash and turning it into paper products. She decided to hire them to create all of Axiology's packaging!

All of their products contain 10 ingredients, and no more.

This is one of Axiology's claims to fame: they'll never use more than their staple 10 ingredients in their lip products. They use organic castor, avocado, orange, and grapeseed oils, as well as extracts and wax!

Made by people, not machines.

Axiology also prides itself on hand mixing and pouring all of their products. Actual humans make their lipsticks, not machines! There's something super wholesome about that, in my opinion.

Chances are, they have a shade you'd love!

I've been browsing their site, and I'm so excited to see how many great shades they have. They have highlighters, too!

What do you think of this awesome company? We need more companies like them in the world!

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