Wisconsin Zoo Announces Birth Of 'Otterly Adorable' River Otter Triplets

It's not every day that we see something as adorable as baby otters, and it's definitely all the more adorable if they're baby otter triplets like this cute trio from Wisconsin.

One zoo was in for a very special delivery when a North American river otter momma welcomed not one but three new bundles of life into the world.

It was a very special day at Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI.

On February 15, otters Elva and Dragonroll became first timer parents after they welcomed their trio of pups: two boys named Montello and Fisher, and one girl named Lily.

"Good things really do come in threes," a Facebook post from the zoo reads, along with a photo of the sweet triplets. "we are thrilled to announce the birth of three otterly adorable North American river otters."

For a while, zoo staff had a difficult time telling whether Elva was pregnant or not.

As the zoo explained in their Facebook post, otters take a long time to show signs of pregnancy due to their delayed implantation, which means that the fertilized egg could take as many as 270 days to reach the uterus.

Raising otters is certainly an adventure.

River otters are born without being able to open their eyes until they reach about 5 weeks of age.

Soon after their eyes open, they're off for their first swimming lesson with mom and then introduced their dad after they're master swimmers. That's also when zoo visitors will be able to see them, as well.

Elva is an awesome otter mom so far.

Zoo Manager Johanna Soto told WMTV that the first-time momma is a total natural and seems well-suited to motherhood. She keeps her eyes on her pups while also allowing zookeepers to keep an eye on the entire otter family.

As Soto said, "Triplets can be demanding, especially for a first-time mom, but Elva has been doing great, and they have been growing at a very healthy rate from day one."

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h/t: WMTV

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