Quotes About Getting Older That Have No Business Being So True

Getting old isn't very fun, but you know what is? Reading funny quotes about getting older that make the whole experience seem less daunting and way more hilarious.

After all, if we didn't laugh about it, we just might cry, right?

Here are some excellent quotes that we think perfectly embody how it feels when you realize you aren't as young as you once were. Enjoy!

I just always forget.

As soon as I've rinsed something out of my hair, I end up standing under the shower spray for a full five minutes, trying to remember what the heck I just used.

Was it shampoo? Was it conditioner? Well, I guess we're starting over. From the top. Places, everybody!

That way you can fall asleep at 7 PM.

Look, maybe you enjoy drinking until the sun comes up but my body much prefers when I start with one too many mimosas at brunch and just go from there.

By the time dinner rolls around, I'm already coming back down from my buzz and am ready for a nice long sleep.

"And I hate you."

My body doesn't have very nice things to say, but at least it's honest. It could be over here lying to me like it did that one time it said I could definitely jump rope, even though I haven't done it since middle school, and I ended up tripping on the first skip and landing flat on my face.

That wasn't so nice.

Okay but hear me out...air fryers are *incredible.*


I'm not even going to let myself be ashamed about this one because the day I brought an air fryer into my life was the day I found true happiness.

And I'm pretty sure the other 1,879 members of my air fryer Facebook group would agree, thank you very much.

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