15+ Surprising Sights That Did Their Part To Make The Day More Memorable

Lately, it feels like days have been blending together. The same things always happen, and many find comfort in the routine. That being said, a small enhancement to make one specific day stand out isn't unwelcome.

This list is full of sights that did their part to make the day more memorable for those who spotted them, and hopefully they do the same for you!

"A little crab pen holder I found in Tokyo."

You can tell this little guy takes his job very seriously. Pride in his eyes and his muscles at work as he holds your most prized posession.

"This Chick Fil A restaurant had a mouth wash dispenser in the bathroom."

I barely trust public bathroom soap, let alone anything else. If I want mouthwash that bad, I'll bring my own.

"The amount of butter my step dad bought while there was a sale."

Is this supposed to be a problem? All I see is a smart shopper taking advantage of a good sale.

'The sudden violent tone on the back of the instruction manual for my son's new kalimba (a very peaceful instrument)."

"I was hoping to keep my guitar and learn the kalimba, but apparently it's time to burn my guitar, so..."

'This rock looks like a decapitated dragon's head."

That's because it's not a rock, it's a fossilized dragon head. I'm not sure who you would call about this, but you should tell someone!

"Greetings new staff member."

That's no ordinary staff member, that's your new boss. He demands the budget be adjusted to allow for more treats and feather toys.

"Salami Easter Bunny."

That's certainly... unique. Not at all creepy or unsettling.

"Saw some interesting looking roots at a local gardening store."

It looks like there's a meeting happening. They're assigning water transport work for the week to see who's going to be doing the heavy lifting.

"A whole house covered in neon yellow spray paint ... for some reason."

For the same reason humans do anything, to be quirky. Or you've wandered into a giant's game of Monopoly and he just put a house down.

"This AC unit that looks like it’s wearing little booties."

Duh, they have to keep their feet dry when it rains!

"This pie company includes telegraph as a way to contact them on their pie boxes."

They absolutely have someone working that telegraph line, waiting for the fateful day when someone sends one in.

"Couple by my house doing their part on their roof to populate our bee population."

And doing it in style too, those boxes are so cute!

"Anti-theft Lighters."

The cost to set this up was probably more than the two lighters they locked in there.

"This flower my girlfriend found in her bouquet."

A neat little feature that makes the bouquet all the more special!

"This curved trolley."

This gives me the heebie-jeebies. Shopping carts aren't made to be round. That's just a fact.

"Found this at a thrift shop [...]."

Not only does this not make sense, but it not making sense mixed with a sharp and dangerous garden tool just makes it unsettling.

"Someone Brought their Pet Goose to the Tractor Supply."

The goose is unbothered, but that dog's life was just changed forever by this sight.

'My toddler spilled water and it looks like a bear giving me the finger."

He's pissed because your kid revealed his hiding spot. You're better off forgetting you ever saw him.

"My local bar's 'soup of the day'."

A deal that no one can resist, especially at the end of a long day.

"Found a starfish in one of my mussels."

I wouldn't brag about that, you just broke into that guy's house. Not cool.

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