15+ Ideas We Never Would Have Thought Of

When someone tries something new, something totally out of the box, you kind of have to respect the hustle...even if you don't necessarily approve of what, specifically, they did. This list is our love letter to those weirdos who aren't afraid to dream.

Rest in peace.

Reddit | Cebarsmod

The gravestone of this Russian mobster really captures that whole "I just came back from the dead in my sweet car" energy.

A knife block's a knife block.

Reddit | boringg-moon

There are all kinds of different ways to store knives in the kitchen, and, well, this is one of them.

Oh, I get it.

Reddit | RoCNOD

This is actually an awesome idea: the upside-down umbrella (theoretically) will catch any loose tools these guys might drop.

Power pack.

Reddit | Gensis916

This Tesla is charging up as it goes, thanks to the fact that it's strapped to a dumpster-sized battery.

Indoor hot tub.

Reddit | verity519

Putting something that creates heat and steam on a constant basis in an enclosed basement is a totally great idea, right?

If it looks stupid but it works...

Reddit | O1time

The shock absorbers in this car had seen better days, until someone came up with this creative (and maybe not street legal) solution.

For the whole crew.

Reddit | jvsmithsmith

I hope for the sake of all humanity that this washroom has never been fully occupied, because it would make for a terribly awkward situation.

Mobile fire pit.

Reddit | d-real87

Anything that can contain fire can technically be a fire pit, and this guy has found a way to make a fire pit on wheels.

Lush setting.

Reddit | NameShortage

If you've ever dreamed of having a bath, slightly below floor level, while you're surrounded by fake grass, you can't afford not to buy this house.


This clearly took a lot of work and engineering know-how that people like me just don't possess. That said, I'll stick to my Honda Civic.

For the mold lover in your life.

Reddit | IndieSunflower

I have to hand it to Elin Thomas: her crocheted mold really looks like actual mold. I have no more compliments to give, though.

Makes sense, I guess.

Reddit | Curledsquirl

This is actually a homemade washing machine. As the car goes, the laundry inside the cooler gets agitated. I'm getting a little agitated just thinking of what could go wrong.

If the shoe fits...

Reddit | Chanderson24

This custom, high heel-themed car is so far out there that it's impossible to tell what car it originally was.

Interesting decor.

Reddit | Yam_Gang

Here's an immaculate house worth $1.9 million. It looks nice. I can't tell you why they have a Spider-Man themed cow statue in their front yard, though.

If turtles could fly.

Reddit | unusuals86

I'm sure this taxidermy took great skill to put together. I'm not sure why it exists, but still: great skill.

Looks great.

Reddit | rosiesugarpie

Someone wanted a cup holder beside their bed, so naturally they busted out the duct tape rather than buy a bedside table.

Oh baby.

Reddit | iswearimnotaguy

I get that this is a cake for a baby shower, but what else does this represent? Is the mom-to-be having a hundred babies?


Reddit | R4M3N88

I've seen a lot of weird toilets on the internet before, but this one is...somehow perfect. I wouldn't be embarrassed to have this in my house.

Hermione Grain-ger.

"I made Hermione Granger out of wheat grain," the uploader of this pic shared. That's all the information I have, sorry.

Seems extreme.

These lighters are encased in concrete, so they can't be stolen. This whole contraption will be useless when they inevitably run out of fuel.

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