16+ Details That Were Hiding Under Our Noses All Along

It always feels special to discover something unexpected and hidden. After all, life is full of little details, and it takes a keen eye to spot all of them.

Yes, yes it is.

Reddit | BasterMaters

On first glance, it looks like they installed this sign upside-down (and mirror-imaged). But when you see the reflection in the pond below, it all makes perfect sense.

Helpful giraffe.

Reddit | Arirac

The railing at this walkway is supported by a bunch of metal brackets...and one friendly-looking giraffe, if you're able to spot it.

What kind of sideshow is this?

Reddit | Los_Amos

Anyone who watches The Simpsons knows that Sideshow Bob's hair looks like some kind of luscious fern. This custom plant pot just makes sense.

What if it's a winner?

Reddit | memesneverdie77

I wonder if the lottery numbers printed on this product actually lead to an uptick in those specific numbers getting chosen.

Caught red-handed.

Reddit | notCollinLemons

This is kind of a cheeky message, and I respect the attention to detail. That said, I don't really want to befriend any brands on social media.

Truer words never spoken.

This is printed on a fly zapper. That makes it a no fly zone. Get it? I mean, humans get it, but I don't think flies can read.

Can't really argue with that.

Reddit | alienvisionx

This pair of pants has a handy reminder printed on the inside of the waist. The only problem is that I never think to look at my pants when I need reminders.

Game on.


I wonder if there's anything printed on the reverse of that tag, or if it exists solely for this delightful little Easter egg.

Nobody knows what they mean.

Reddit | Wildflower320

This garment provides the washing symbols, but deep down, it really just wants you to take it to a professional who knows what they're doing.

Is that a fact?

Reddit | SmiralePas1907

These are muay thai shorts, which kind of explains the messaging here. I wonder if they grant superpowers to people who don't already know how to kick.

Attention to detail.

Reddit | BoxTar9215

Every mountain on this map is represented with a triangular mountain shape...except Mount St. Helens, which blew its top in a big eruption.

What else is family for?

Reddit | Loki_Akita

There are lots of companies that claim to be family owned, but this message really has a ring of truth to it.

Far, far away.

Reddit | Moz_Moz_Moz

These...pipe cozies...stand out from other pipe cozies because they look like everyone's favorite two characters from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Interesting advice.

Reddit | Ricardo7854

The message on this bottle of body wash is interesting. If anyone follows its advice, their friends might be a bit creeped out.

Internet must be down.

Reddit | Olik12346

This understated graffiti is a tribute to the game that every Chrome user plays when the internet is down.

Take that, germs.

This gas station bathroom not only encourages employees to wash hands, it also describes the brutal germ slaughter that handwashing causes.

Cardi Bench.

This bench in Hawaii doesn't pay tribute to a family member or beloved pet. It's just a tribute to Cardi B.

It's not a real fish.

Reddit | Tobophos

This water bottle has a hidden message: "If I were me, I'd drink this like a fish," said by a fish. It's a tad meta for me.

Foxy sweater.

On one side, it's a fox. On the other side, it's a series of hundreds of foxes. In any case, it's fox-themed.

Wait, by who?

Reddit | majorwtf

This Marc Jacobs label goes a little bit overboard on the branding. Maybe Marc Jacobs just likes the sound of his own name.

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