Add A Resort-Style Cabin To Your Yard With Help From A DIY Kit Available Online

Who else loves to spend time outdoors? I don't know about you, but I'm counting the days until the weather allows for it. This year I'm planning to chill in nature as much as possible.

So if that's your goal, too, listen up. There is a cabin you can build yourself that's the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. You absolutely have to see it.

I've already told you about tiny home kits you can buy on Amazon.

Unsplash | Hama Haki

They're the ideal extra space you can use for guests or yourself. But this one I'm about to show you is really special. It's pretty much a resort-style cabin.

Who doesn't love resort-style living, huh?

I could get used to that ha, ha! If I had a piece of land away from the city, I would absolutely buy this cabin kit. The great thing about this kit is that it comes with easy-to-assemble instructions.

The kit comes with everything you will need to assemble this stunning piece.

If you're pretty handy, it shouldn't take you more than five hours to put everything together. Wow, isn't that so amazing? They make it so simple, huh?

The Allwood Bonaire resort-styled cabin is an ideal oasis to relax in after a day of work.

Unsplash | Elevate

You can also set it up as a poolside recreation center for the whole family. It could also be a clubhouse to entertain your guests.

You can also use it as a remote office space.

Unsplash | Bench Accounting

Can you imagine working in a place like this? I think that would be so relaxing and cozy. You can leave all your family behind in the big house and escape to do your work here, hee, hee!

The company that makes the Bonaire cabin uses high-quality, solid Nordic spruce wood.

This design pretty much compliments any type of surroundings. If you can believe it, you can even set up this cabin can on rooftops of multi-story buildings. Wow, that's incredible.

The kit also comes with handy instructions on how to set everything up, including plumbing and such.

So you can rest assured that once you put this together, everything will be top-notch. I think that's pretty awesome of the company to do so.

You can even add an alcove room like this one.

It will give you some extra space to store some things. I think that's such a great option. Do you agree with me? I love how these types of cabins are easily customizable.

So are you ready to take a plunge and purchase a cabin kit like this one?

It's only going to set you back about $14,000. It doesn't include any lighting and furniture, but still, I think it's pretty reasonable for a gorgeous, resort-style, home-away-from-home, no?